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Custom Home Entry Exterior
September, 2013
Many interior furnishing projects, remodeling and custom home projects are done everyday without interior designers as part of the team. Projects can simply be done without our expertise. We find that not every project in the area warrants our resources and expertise and that is...
September, 2013
My husband Ben’s Great Aunt Flossie passed away a year ago, and her home is almost ready to be liquidated. Along with his other cousins, we received an invitation Saturday to visit her home to collect a few pieces that would be meaningful to us....
Interior designers and technlogy
September, 2013
I recently read a blog about interior designers and technology by Alden Miller of Alden Miller Interiors located in Pacifica, California. It was written so thoughtfully, I couldn’t help but pick up the telephone and call her complimenting her insight. In her blog, she brilliantly...
January, 2013
Our homes are ideally a reflection of the best stories of our lives telling about our interests, studies and travels. We partly measure our quality of work at Angela Todd Designs by our ability to understand what makes up our client’s individuality. As a boutique...
Pantone 2013 Emerald Green used in Portland, Oregon
January, 2013
  Emerald Green is Pantone’s color of the year for 2013. I love seeing the color celebrated and used so prominently this year in fashion and interior design. I sometimes tell clients that green is like the “y” in the alphabet. Remember the “a-e-i-o-u are...
Margret and Roger's Sit Test
November, 2012
Veteran’s Day was this past Monday, and this blog is a tribute to all those that served and their families too. We appreciate you. When we design spaces for our clients we love to find out what makes their life story special and unique to...
Angela Todd Studios Window Treatments Made Simple
November, 2012
We all tend to work with people a lot like us – those we can relate to and understand. I wrote my first manifesto for Angela Todd Designs a few years ago. It was a fun process! As our business has grown (along with each...
November, 2012
Ashley and I just returned from the Fall market in High Point, North Carolina, showcasing the latest and greatest in interior design Nationally. If I were able to sum up interior design trends for 2013, I would say it is bold, not flashy, and laced...
November, 2012
Each member of our team recently wrote our professional biographies. Here is mine.   I am a live wire. I am full of passion, drive and enthusiasm. I work hard, laugh often and enjoy the thrill of exceeding expectations. I have won national and local...
November, 2012
Laura Rowe is our business manager at Angela Todd Designs in Portland, Oregon. Laura is sort of the mother glue that holds our interior design firm together. She tends to the left, so we can work in the creative right. Here is a little about...