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Be Kind To Us Or We Wont Work
June, 2014
This week I was contacted by a client of one of my interior design friends. The client, a prominent Portland tycoon worth millions, wanted me to bypass my friend and sell goods directly to him. My friend, a creative soul seems to have forgotten his...
Best of Houzz 2014 – Angela Todd Designs
May, 2014
It must be the little girl in me, but I love kudos and recognition. For the third year, Angela Todd Designs received the Best of Houzz in both design and customer satisfaction. The Best Of Houzz award is given in two categories: Customer Satisfaction and...
April, 2014
We are all connected. To the Hillsboro National Guard and their spouses, parents, children and friends. Know you are loved and supported by your community. Be safe boys. Last night I sang the National Anthem for the Hillsboro National Guard unit 11B who are being...
Why hire an interior designer in Portland
March, 2014
Sometimes people feel that with the Internet and our world wide marketplace that the work of an interior designer may be in less demand. This really isn’t the case. We are busy and thriving. Projects that have an interior designer on the team simply net...
Angela Todd Studios Window Treatments Made Simple
February, 2014
An interior design colleague of mine in New Jersey named Iris Houlihan from Iris Interiors recently posted this excellent blog. With Iris’ permission, I am reposting her blog below. I couldn’t have said it better Iris! You can go into a store and buy a...
dave g and greg olson
December, 2013
In late October we celebrated with our clients and colleagues the Autumn season at The Frank Estate, a century old Equestrian Estate in southwest Portland, originally owned by the Frank Family – from the Meier & Frank department stores. The Fall season is my favorite...
Angela Todd Studios Full Suite Interior Design Expertise
December, 2013
Angela Todd Designs is a full-service interior design boutique located in Portland, Oregon. We design projects both large & small. We work with some of our clients in the construction process, and others call us later to finish their space down to the last detail...
Contemporary interior design in Portland Oregon
November, 2013
What if we told you that your remodeling project could be a fun, rewarding experience you will remember for years to come? We are a sought after creative interior design firm that delivers style and service beyond our clients’ expectations. We take a full-service approach...
Angela Todd Studios Natural Sustainable Wood Floors
November, 2013
What you want is paramount to us. We understand every detail placed in your home matters and affects how you live and feel. Imagine feeling amazing in your space because the interior was designed with you always at the forefront of the design. We offer...
Angela Todd Studios Blog Interior Design Ideas
November, 2013
If you are like many people in the marketplace you might use these words synonymously. The definition between an interior designer versus an interior decorator can be different depending on the professional you ask. To make matters more complicated in some states (Oregon being an...