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Sometimes people feel that with the Internet and our world wide marketplace that the work of an interior designer may be in less demand. This really isn’t the case. We are busy and thriving. Projects that have an interior designer on the team simply net a better design. Shanz Razik designs interiors in Belgium and abroad. She recently wrote in her blog why designing for yourself without the assistance of an interior designer may not give you the best finished project when building, remodeling or decorating. Here are some excellent points from her post I wanted to share.

Do you bake your own bread or do you go to the bakery?

Anyone can do anyone’s job. I can bake my own bread, demolish a wall and do my own accounting. If I want to I am sure I can diagnose my illness and get some medication specially these days on the internet! But just because I can, does it mean I should? Or can I do it as well as someone who is qualified to do his job with education and/or experience? Just because I can put some ingredients together and bake bread doesn’t mean it will be as good or as well put together as the one from the bakery? As a colleague interior designer Rona Spiegel told me “Anyone can buy furniture and put it in a room but only a designer can design that space”

Time, time and time …

Even if you can do someone else’s job does it mean that you have the time to do it? Or can you do it as fast as someone who is trained to do it on a daily basis? I recently had a client who after spending several weekends looking for an original sculpture with his wife, asked me to source it for him. He told me that although it might sound ridiculous to ask me to source a sculpture, ultimately a small job, he was sure that I could do it in less time than he could. I didn’t disappoint him. I was able to provide him with several sources within 30 minutes. What is 30 minutes compared to their two lost weekends? What is 30 minutes of my time compared to their time taken off, not working, away from their children? Everybody has a speciality. There is usually a very good reason for it!

Why hire an interior designer in Portland

What do you need knowledge and experience for?

Let’s imagine that you have plenty of time and you do manage to put a space together. Imagine you are convinced that you have a great design, after all “les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas” taste nor colour cannot be discussed. Do you still have the knowledge or the experience to deliver a project?

A job of an interior designer as glamorous as it may sound has many practical aspects to it.

Yes, we design, we come up with amazing ideas and get to play with colours and textures and call it a job, we shop for furniture and accessories, we come up with these amazing 3Ds and plans …


Did you also know that we need to be knowledgeable of the technical aspects of a renovation? Know the detailing of all the work involved? Which fabric can be used where in which width? How do you finish off a wall seamlessly without cracks?

We should be able to follow up on the work of an electrician, plumber, painter and general contractor? Be able to manage different types of personalities? Starting from the client to the general contractor to the manufacture in Italy who is making your chair? We should be able to get all these trades in sync to deliver your project on time and on budget!

That brings me to the next thing we should be able to do: manage your budget. We have to make sure that the thousands of euros or dollars you are pumping into the project is put to the maximum use and you get the best quality, best service that is possible for the money you are investing?

Can everyone do the job of an interior designer?

So can anybody still do the job of an interior designer? At the end of the tennis match my opponent certainly didn’t think so. One person educated, many more to go. Was I able to convince you? Or maybe I should provide you with my last argument. Do you think I could do your job as well as you do?

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