Our Autumn Celebration

In late October we celebrated with our clients and colleagues the Autumn season at The Frank Estate, a century old Equestrian Estate in southwest Portland, originally owned by the Frank Family – from the Meier & Frank department stores.


The Fall season is my favorite time of the year. I love the fall colors and the crisp feel to the air. It is a time to unwind, relax and savor the season. It is a time of closure, a time to celebrate harvest, and to celebrate our lives. Interior design to me isn’t about things, it is about people and having spaces to enjoy or lives. So… I was thrilled to make a memory with some of my favorite people in a space that lovingly updated. Here is my partner Ben, getting the walkway illuminated before guests arrived.

ben lighting candles

The Frank Estate is currently used as a clubhouse and administrative office for surrounding apartments. The home includes old growth Douglas fir and exposed beam ceilings in the great room, a large expansive fireplace and original hardwood floors. The home has been respected and kept for the most part in its original condition – as the Frank family left it. This last year Angela Todd Designs spruced up the furnishings in the room, adding a few new pieces, incorporating original family pieces, and reupholstering a few of the chairs and sofa. Our inspiration for the new design direction began with a 100 year old stuffed pheasant. His charm won us over! We moved the design into an equestrian palette with regal reds, warm neutrals and accents of regal blues.

ashley and i

For the evenings festivities we decided to honor this charming pheasant, having on hand for guests feather bracelets, headbands, wrist and neck cuffs. They were a great ice breaker for everyone that attended and for me it was a reminder of the rich history of The Frank Estate. Ashley and I took a few minutes to pose with our cute little friend. Kashmir, who is sort of a silent team member of Angela Todd Designs, spent plenty of time enjoying the rug and sofa upholstery from Robert Allen.


The sun slowly went down as the party began. The space has a deep, almost masculine design that lends itself well to not only Autumn, but also events after the sun sets. Over candelight we enjoyed culinary fare of Premiere Catering, and live music from Mike Doolin (acoustic guitar) and Pete Petersen (tenor saxophone). I don’t know what go into me, but I decided to perch (pardon the pun) with the band, singing a few jazz standards of my own. (I was once upon a time a professional musician in Portland, but this is probably another blog, not related to design!)

singing with band

Here are some of the photos I thought I wouldn’t get into trouble for posting:

Nathan Young from Nathan Young Construction, Adrienne Wannamaker from Brush and Trowel and Shane Kenney from Portland Stair.

adrienne, nathan, shane

The lovely, warm and kind Deb Harris. We enjoyed every part of working with you. Yes, ALL of it.


Josh Slamp and his better half. Josh measures and installs all of our window treatments with great precision. He is the best in the city!


Ashley with Jay and Melissa Jaacks. I have watched your sweet family grow and it has been my pleasure to work with you!

ashley with Jaacks

The Galen family. We can’t wait for your master bathroom project to complete early next year!

galen and me

John and Melody Hatch from Hatch Homes, and Bruce Markusen, our CPA.

melody, bruce, john

Deepali Kalia (and her lovely husband) from Filling Spaces.


Ashley surrounded by a great architect and builder, left: Dave Guiletti from GSA Architects and right: Greg Olson from Olson & Jones Construction.

dave g and greg olson

Thank you for such a wonderful 2013. We are really honored to be part of your lives!

Here is a full view of the evenings photography from Colleen Zobel Photography. Feel free to download photos, share them …

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