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We have been designing magnificent interiors in the Northwest and beyond since 2007. We have the pleasure of collaborating with world-class builders and artisans whose partnership makes our projects truly shine. Our work has been featured in countless publications, and we have won local and national design awards along the way. We believe every project has its own style, challenges, and framework. We find what our clients most appreciate about us is our ability to create a space with function and beauty, one which is designed within a realistic timeline and budget. We bring the lost art of consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. We strive for a seamless project for our clients every day at Angela Todd Studios.

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Angela Todd

Owner & Principal Designer

I am a live wire full of creativity, passion, drive, and enthusiasm. I never felt like I chose interior design as a career; I felt it was revealed to me. It is exactly what I am supposed to do.

I love beautiful spaces, interesting stories, history, and architecture. I approach interior design more in how spaces feel, rather than what one can define in a formula. A great interior to me is about weaving a story into the fabric of the design. We may not realize it, but for most of us the life experiences we have, coupled with our personality, give someone like me a distinct vision of a beautifully finished interior.

Angela Todd Interior Designer Portland

I am a bit of an irreverent soul. I live to juxtapose raw with refined, as well as sophistication with spontaneity. I like to use color and pattern to set a mood in a space which tells visitors something subtle about my clients. At our core, we believe our job is creating memorable backdrops that tell the story of fascinating and intricate lives.

I work and reside on the east side of Portland near Mount Tabor in a 1916 foursquare with great bones, a story, and a heart. I am lovingly restoring her to glory. In my free time, I love to entertain, enjoy music, laugh, and travel to places with soul and profound histories.

Kyla Smith Interior Designer

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Kyla Smith

Interior Designer

Kyla is one of my favorite people. She doesn’t just keep up with me, she is sometimes several steps ahead of me. She has never met a design challenge that didn’t inspire or excite her. She not only makes our design work more fun, she improves our projects with her aesthetic and technical skills.

In her free time, Kyla can be seen pulled over to the side of the road checking out properties, homes or buildings plotting how she can purchase it and restore it to its former glory. In fact, years of rolling up her sleeves and tackling complete home remodels was what led her to return to school for her interior design degree. Several years later, I was thrilled when she joined the team.

Kyla Smith Airstream Trailer

As a former college volleyball player, Kyla learned team work and dedication skills that serve her so well today. Recently, Kyla and her husband took a sabbatical in their Airstream trailer and traveled for nine months in North America, only taking a break away from the road for a long-awaited trip to South Africa. While I missed her very much while she was gone, her trip immeasurably influenced her design artistry and approach.

Kyla deeply believes that beauty and function go hand in hand. Her space planning skills are frequently inspired. She is a problem solver as well as masterful at paying attention to small details that matter. Kyla is not only my design peer, but a trusted advisor on both project coordination and design aesthetic.

Jeff Church Studio Manager

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Jeff Church

Studio Manager

Jeff is our man behind the scenes. He keeps the office and projects running smoothly, which gives us time to do what we love to do: design and work with our clients. Jeff has a banking and logistics background, which fit in perfectly with the difficult tasks that he’s asked to do. If anyone needs a quick calculation done, we ask Jeff, who can add, subtract, multiply, and divide in his head in a matter of moments. We consider that a valuable super power.

Jeff is an artist himself, an accomplished musician, guitarist, and song writer who has been in bands for years. As a matter of fact, his most recent band, Thin Rail, features yours truly on vocals. Because of his artistic abilities, we can relate with him, all the while he interprets our wonderful babble into a fully planned project.

Kashmir And Sugar Studio Pups

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Kashmir & Sugar

The Studio Pups

Kashmir and Sugar are my two golden retrievers who commonly spend the day in the studio while we work. Kashmir has been with me since the first day I started my design business. He has an unusually high level of sweetness and emotional intelligence and it is an honor to be his best friend. Kashmir is sadly slowing down and is now well over 100 years old (in dog years), though he still has more grit than John Wayne. I cherish every day he is still with us.

Sugar is young, feisty and demanding, but maintains a sweet demeanor most of the time because she loves to please. She has never met a stranger and particularly loves other dogs and children. She is still learning that fabric and rug samples aren’t chew toys, and Kashmir is showing her the ropes of how to behave as a dignified studio pup as we speak.

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