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We have been designing magnificent interiors in the Northwest and beyond since 2007. We have the pleasure of collaborating with world-class builders and artisans whose partnership makes our projects truly shine. Our work has been featured in countless publications, and we have won local and national design awards along the way. We believe every project has its own unique attributes and somewhere between the homes architecture, vintage, and the client’s personality and preferences –  an original artistic vision can be created.  In a marketplace full of spaces that look the same and are informed by trends, we bring the lost art of attention to quality, details that matter, and exceeding our clients’ expectations with our expertise.

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Angela Todd

Owner & Principal Designer

I am a live wire full of creativity, passion, drive, and enthusiasm.  I love beautiful spaces, interesting stories, history, and architecture. I approach interior design more in how a space feels, rather than what one can define in a formula. A great interior to me is about weaving a story into the fabric of the design.  We may not realize it, but for most of us the life experiences we have, coupled with our personality, and the house we choose, gives someone like me a distinct vision of a beautifully finished interior.  I use my artistic eye and industry knowledge to give you the gift of luxury in your everyday life, or said another way, the gift of having a home that supports and nourishes you in your journey.

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I am a bit of an irreverent, rebel soul. I love to juxtapose raw with refined, as well as sophistication with spontaneity. I like to use color and pattern to set a mood in a space which tells visitors something subtle about my clients. At our core, I believe our job is creating memorable backdrops that whisper the story of people and families with fascinating lives.

I work and reside on the east side of Portland near Mount Tabor in a 1916 foursquare with great bones, a story, and heart. I am lovingly restoring her to glory, much slower and modestly than my clients I might add. In my free time, I love to entertain, garden, enjoy music, laugh, and travel to places with soul and profound histories.

Jeff Church Studio Manager

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Jeff Church

Studio Manager

Jeff is likely the first person you will meet at our studio when you call and introduce yourself. He is the man behind the scenes who assists with all of our projects. I consider him the essential left brain of the operation, working with scheduling, orders, manufacturing, deliveries and warehousing. Jeff is an artist himself, an accomplished musician, guitarist, and song writer.

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The TEam

Team members include draftsman, lighting and landscape designers, architects and engineers, as well as contractors and specialty trades like electricians, finish carpenters, fabricators, furniture makers, wallpaper installers, and fabric workrooms.  We take pride in working with the best resources available for our clients.


Studio Pups Austin Herr

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Sugar & Finnegan

The Studio Pups

Sugar & Finnegan bring so much joy everywhere they go. They are social and playful, and it isn’t uncommon to hear them wrestling in the background while we work.  Sugar definitely knows when it is time to eat.  Sugar is an English Cream who is kind-hearted and smart. She is the more reserved of the two “like all the British”, as my Dad likes to say.  Her primary job is to watch for visitors.

Finnegan is our little redheaded boy.  He is the life of the party, very talkative, and affectionate. He also loves to put things in his mouth, and the studio floor is often littered with several balls, bones and plush toys he drags out of his toy box each morning. As the younger of the two, his primary job is to wear out himself and Sugar.

Our work can be endlessly demanding and they remind us to take time for ourselves, particularly for a walk outside.  The kids like to go to Mount Tabor, and the Columbia River every chance they get.

For those of you that knew sweet Kashmir, the original studio pup, he passed away 3 days before his 15th birthday surrounded with love.  

Ready to get started? We can make it happen.

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