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Angela listened to our needs, our wants, and our lifestyle. She took all that information and came back with a design that we loved. She answered all of our concerns, ensured we understood the big picture, and made the project fun. She managed and troubleshooted any issues with the construction project, ensured the quality of the project was met, and kept us in the loop. It was like an HGTV moment, we came home for the big reveal. Instant gratification!
- Josie -
I hired Angela Todd, Interior Designer, to help me with a Basement Remodel. While I had the vision of what I wanted in my head, Angela took that and "ran with it." She created a wine area, a laundry area, a media room and a bathroom. My biggest concern was to have an even flow from the main floor to the basement, something that was seamless and had the exact same style.
- Deb -
Angela Todd Designs helped us remodel our master bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen, living room and office. Angela's fresh perspective and unique way of finding the perfect fabric, lighting fixture, furniture and room decor made working with her a delight. Our home now looks and feels the way we had always dreamed it would.
- Diana -
Angela is fun but careful, serious, and confident. Both her social and professional skills are top shelf. I have come to trust her instincts, especially with colors. I am demanding and every job I do is personal to me. I rarely endorse other professionals. Angela Todd has earned my highest respect. I confidently recommend her to anyone who seeks the services she provides.
- John Davis Home Repair -
Nobody walks through my door without stepping back to marvel at the simple beauty and tasteful presentation she has created.
- Donald Miller -
New York Times Best Selling Author
Angela is one of the most adaptable designers I have ever worked with. She understands budgets, timelines, and the sequence of construction. Her team puts together phenomenally detailed workbooks that help to convey the information to the builder, client, most importantly to the individuals doing the work. I have been very impressed with how she adds value to the construction process. Before meeting Angela I never understood the importance of having a designer on our team, now I will not do a project without having her involved.
- Nathan Young Construction -
Having collaborated with Angela on several projects, I can say she truly knows how to turn the ordinary into the spectacular.
- THE Remodel Group -
Steve Klingerman
Angela helped us with the design of our master suite, master bath, and guest bedroom model and made sure that the finished product was beautiful, functional, and in keeping with the style of the rest of our period home.We were so pleased with Angela's work that we later hired her for a second project to help us style our family room. Other than a couple chairs and pillows, most of the furniture and art she chose for the room was already ours, but put together in a different way. The room is now our favorite in the house and it truly feels like "home."
- Christa -
I'm kind of a control nut and have always feared working with a designer. I couldn't have imagined that Angela would turn me on to products I'd never even heard of, and even more shocking was that they were actually less expensive and a much better value. Even my flooring contractor was shocked and said, "Where did you find this product? I've never seen it before!" For me, Angela was the perfect combination of having an eye for artistic balance and flair, while minding my limited budget and value-consciousness. I can't wait to do my next project, now that I know and trust her style and savvy-ness!
- Christine -
Angela just sees things. She's fast, purposeful, and has brilliant distinctions for and about her work with her clients. In a very short interval, we'd discussed and aligned upon the overview of my kitchen project: counters, floors, cabinets, painting, repairs, changes, appliances, electrical and lighting. What a difference this will make!
- Caryn -