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November, 2013
Building a dream home is a thrilling experience. It can be daunting without someone walking you through the thousands (and we mean thousands) of decisions you will make to build your own custom home. We cater to our custom home clients by helping them with...
Kitchen Cabinetry Concept
November, 2013
There are literally hundreds of decisions you will need to make when remodeling your kitchen or bath. These two rooms are the two workhorses of the house – when perfectly designed they are both functional and beautiful. Hiring an interior designer for your kitchen or...
Angela Todd Studios Window Treatments Made Simple
October, 2013
Angela recently answered online interview questions regarding our services and our philosophy about interior design and the process… If you are in Portland. Or. and in need of interior design services, please reach out to us to see if we are a good fit for...
Contemporary Master Bathroom Shower
October, 2013
When the phone rings at the studio, “how much will it cost” and “what is the process” questions are among the first questions we may be asked. We appreciate an educated client and we are happy to answer questions about our pricing, how we work,...
Angela Todd Studios Natural Sustainable Wood Floors
October, 2013
We find that once client’s schedule an appointment with our interior design team, they are filled with excitement and anticipation. We would welcome you to put that energy of yours to good use. Doing so can speed up the design process and help us, help...
Angela Todd Studios Blog Interior Design Ideas
October, 2013
What leads clients to work with us? Though our number one source of referrals continues to come from happy clients and contractors, the world wide web has also introduced us to some wonderful people. Sometimes even a referral from a friend will prompt a potential...
Angela Todd Interior Design
October, 2013
Five and a half years ago Angela was interviewed by the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Metropolitan Portland in their monthly newspaper, The Home Builder’s News. Angela served as a board member for the Home Builders Association in 2009 and 2010. We have been proud...
Custom Home Entry Exterior
September, 2013
Many interior furnishing projects, remodeling and custom home projects are done everyday without interior designers as part of the team. Projects can simply be done without our expertise. We find that not every project in the area warrants our resources and expertise and that is...
September, 2013
My husband Ben’s Great Aunt Flossie passed away a year ago, and her home is almost ready to be liquidated. Along with his other cousins, we received an invitation Saturday to visit her home to collect a few pieces that would be meaningful to us....
Interior designers and technlogy
September, 2013
I recently read a blog about interior designers and technology by Alden Miller of Alden Miller Interiors located in Pacifica, California. It was written so thoughtfully, I couldn’t help but pick up the telephone and call her complimenting her insight. In her blog, she brilliantly...