Whimsical Farmhouse Design Portland
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Whimsical Farmhouse

Oregon City, OR


Exterior, Interior Remodel, Custom Furnishings & Accessorizing
Year Built: ​1998


Remodeler: ​Olson & Jones Construction
Architect: ​Giuletti Schouten Architects


The home, built in 1990, underwent a large renovation to include a new kitchen, great room, master suite, home office, with improvements to the exterior and changes to the existing roofline. Following the comprehensive remodel, the home was outfitted with new surfaces and furnishings down to the last detail. We sprinkled in family treasures, memories and brought the magic Angela felt on the grounds of the property into the home. +
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Expert design and remodel
Whimsical Farmhouse Exterior
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo Meet Daisy the yellow lab!
Whimsical Farmhouse Bedroom Interior Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo Our client’s loved having a king sized bed, but it never quite fit between the windows, so we had our Portland upholsterer build the bed to our specifications. Custom bedding, nightstands and a shearling bench complete the look.
Whimsical Farmhouse Living Room Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo This room once had a river rock fireplace in the corner, beige carpet, unadorned ceilings and insufficient light. We redesigned every element in the same home footprint and transformed the space.
Whimsical Farmhouse Bathtub Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo This shot made the cover of Oregon Home Magazine in the Spring of 2016. We love that. We also love that our client reports her girls always want to take a bath in Mom’s tub. We eventually had to come back and do their bathroom as well.
Whimsical Farmhouse Office Area Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo We wanted our clients home office to feel luxurious. We integrated filing and storage solutions into the cabinetry, and then we glammed up the look with antique mirrored drawer fronts with hints of live edge.
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