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Cedar Hills Master Suite

Beaverton, OR


Master Bathroom Remodel
Year Built: 1987


Remodeler: Nathan D. Young Construction


Our facelift transformed a bathroom that previously had carpet, blue floral wallpaper, glass block tiles, ceramic tiles, and a 30-year-old Jacuzzi. When we met our ‘empty-nester’ clients, they were still enjoying the custom home they had lived in for nearly 30 years. Yet they called us because they had outgrown their once state-of-the-art 1980’s master bathroom. +
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Cedar Mills Master Bathroom Vanity Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo Our client knew the moment they saw this granite in a warehouse it was exactly what they wanted in their master bathroom. We obliged by using as much of the slab as possible by integrating it in the sinks, using it for a shower bench, as well as using it as countertops for cabinetry storage.
Cedar Mills Master Bathroom Interiors
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo Custom built in the 1980s, the master bathroom had a fair supply of angled walls. We placed the vanity in the center of the room with an open concept shower on the other side of the wall.This design created a more modern and visually appealing space. We heated the floors, installed a linear drain, and added a seamless floor to the shower.
Cedar Mills Master Bathroom Custom Cabinet Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo Integrating storage solutions into cabinetry really helps you know what you have at a glance. After all, what lady wouldn’t want a velvet lined drawer at her disposal?
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