White Washing Your Home – Trend Alert

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? The word on the streets after the fall 2008 High Point, North Carolina market is that white is high in style anytime of the year.

White can be used to create a sophisticated, casual or high fashion look on furniture, upholstery, linens and case goods. It is iconic, pure, crisp and fresh. What is the secret to making this look work in your home? Monochromatic always works by varying lots of textures and shades of the color. If you forget this step, the room falls flat and lacks dimension.

Furniture is sporting white in so many forms: lacquered dressers, burlap covered pieces, distressed decorative finishes, hand rubbed leathers, motifs created with upholstery tacks, tufted sofas, chairs, and ottomans, and white washed finishes.

You will also see white with glam on pillows and upholstery. Look for pearls, rhinestones and crystals. Elvis would be proud! Perhaps not practical for cozying up by the fire, but wow does it look great.

White also is making a comeback in architectural room elements like paneling and cabinetry. I especially covet white distressed paneling for a casual, relaxing feel or beach house.

If you are still not convinced, consider this. White is a great choice to use alongside any color you really want to showcase in your home. A color showcased in white will seem brighter and more special.

Why not try your favorite shade of white this season to brighten up your decor? When your Mom comes over you’ll just have to remind her, the rules of Labor Day are long gone. It is 2008. We don’t have rules about color!

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