A Portland Interior Designer Press Kit is born

“Angela, you are going to need a press kit.”

I answered back in my mind, “For journalists, or magazines, for brands, for influencer marketing, for private labeling…  for what exactly?”

Instead I smiled and began to laugh.  You know, the kind of laugh that happens when you are caught off guard and a little embarrassed?  Suffice to say, 2020 has gotten off to a promising start.  The entry in my home has been published more than a handful of times, and I was awarded the 2020 DesignHounds Interior Design of the Year.  Then by mid February I was off to the Design Influencers Conference in San Francisco, where I was onnecting with brands and other interior design influencers.  I am learning, there is so much I don’t know about this journey.

It is fun to figure it out.  I am surprising myself in some ways, and in other ways I had a burning desire for these things to come to fruition and it feels like it is about time!

Since it was an industry guru who gave the advice to create a press kit, I took her seriously.  I spent the next day on the phone with some people that know how to produce such a thing!  I first called on Jillian Monarch, who graphically makes me shine in print.  Then I called my friend of nearly two decades, Paige Wallace, who is a brilliant freelance writer who owns Storycatcher Creative.

I think it turned out beautifully.  I particularly love the bio Paige wrote for me:

Angela Todd works masterfully with patterns, yet it’s almost impossible to fit her into one.

Meeting Angela feels like walking into an old midwestern home. You are warmly welcomed, instantly at ease, and sure that laughter will soon follow. You sense there are many stories here, filled with affection for the past and the lessons it has taught us. There’s an appreciation of simple beauty, solidity and character—a reverence for houses that have stood the test of time and can never be replaced.

At the same time, Angela’s personality exudes modernity, like a newly constructed home in an upscale neighborhood. She is stylish and colorful, with bright red hair and a quick smile. Her energy moves you effortlessly forward, a one woman high speed internet of creative ideas. As soon as you meet, she’s reading you like an Instagram feed, intuiting who you are and what your home needs to express, then sharing fresh design concepts that attune perfectly with your personal style. You’ll keep looking for the “like” button because you’re having so much fun.

This combination of timeless style and modern energy is what sets Angela apart. Her brand seamlessly blends luxury and comfort, which appeals to upscale clients and can even influence their design decisions. She’s become well known for her creative pattern blending and color storytelling. However, instead of calling herself an interior designer, Angela sees herself as a visual storyteller. She uses intuition and empathy to connect with each client, then crafts their space to reflect and nurture that individual’s personality, lifestyle and dreams.

Angela has a passion for honoring the history and heritage of old homes, so she makes it her goal to preserve their quality construction and classic character while retrofitting them to feel freshly modern. Her own Portland home provides ample opportunity to express these values. Here, you can finally nail her down to a pattern—one that takes the shape of happiness. Inside this 1916 Foursquare she surrounds herself with the things she loves: music (she used to be a professional musician), her partner (in life and in business), and two happy golden retrievers.

Here is the full press kit for Angela Todd

I love this because it authentically speaks to my personal magic.  Thanks for sharing your talents with me ladies!  As far as who wants this press kit – time will tell.  I will keep you all posted!

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Angela is the principal designer at her boutique interior design firm in Portland, Oregon. She is known for creating memorable backdrops that tell the story of fascinating and intricate lives.

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