Tips to Dress up an Entry

We were honored this week to be featured in Oregonlive and this weekend’s Oregonian.  It seems my little 1916 foursquare entered in the six week One Room Challenge makeover is making a splash, which is exactly what I was hoping it would do!

Are you getting your house ready for the holidays.  Here are my tips for preparing your entry for guests. First, an entry gives guests an instant impression and expectation of their visit. Think first about function, then how to add comfort and establish a mood. The goal is to anticipate guests’ needs.

  • Decor: Think of your entry as its own room. As such, it needs a focal point, defined area and a style. It is wise to borrow some style elements or colors from adjacent spaces.
  • Seating: A bench, chair or ottoman allows guests to remove shoes, make a private phone call, assist a child or even wait for a pickup. Seating can evoke a sense of casual or luxurious comfort.
  • Storage: Provide a place for personal items. Some of your guests will want to remove their coat or shoes, or set down a handbag or backpack when they enter. Where will they store them? Under a console, in a basket or on hooks or a coatrack.
  • Lighting: Late fall and winter in Oregon include short days and dark late afternoons. Adjustable lighting can set a mood for entertaining. Install dimmers on overhead lighting, layer in a lamp or two on an entry table or consider a well-placed scented candle. Lighting candles along the outside path or at the front door signals the specialness of an occasion.

Front door decor

  • Reflections: Mirrors reflect light and allow hosts and guests to discreetly assess their appearance. A small mirror can be hung over a console or bench; some entries call for a full-length mirror.
  • Textures: Look for opportunities to add upholstery, containers, plants and fresh flowers to liven up the visual energy. A rug or runner warms up an entry and textures make a space feel casual and cozy.

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