The New Hot Pink


I am crazy about using pink as an accent color this season. This isn’t just any old pink – dusty, rich hot pink to be exact.

Used as accent color, pink is very crisp, sophisticated and updated. It has a sassy element and sings in rooms with complex blues, greens, charcoals, whites and browns this season.

I thought I outgrew pink in the late 80s when it was all the rage in fashion. I was in high school and we called it fuchsia. I had fuchsia shoes, a fuchsia tank top, handbag and even a fuchsia dress. Over time my pink passion lost its luster. Like a song that gets played on the radio too much, fuchsia lost its appeal for me along with MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”.

uptown-country-home2 I missed my sassy, edgy friend. After 20 years I am glad to see her back in vogue. Now I just need to buy some accessories and some pumps.

Photos courtesy of Design Sponge.

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