The Art of the Draw

In this digital age, it seems the art of hand draw has somewhat gone by the wayside in interior design. Although CAD and other digital rendering tools are a needed program for the professional to use as a building document in a build or remodel, I find clients aren’t able to understand their space and how colors, textures and shapes relate to one another by looking at a computer generated drawing. Even perspective drawings in these programs loose luster and dimension in the average client’s eye.

As detailed, creative and complex our designs can be, I have found myself getting particularly frustrated with programs when I can’t find an image in the digital image gallery of the exact sofa, mirror, light fixture or the coffee table. One could spend a lot of time drawing this with a mouse, or visiting online imagery galleries to capture the shape of this piece. So for this reason, we turn old school and we just draw it.

This process is not only good for the client, but it also fine tunes my interior design work. The drawing process is a creative, free flowing outlet that allows for the interior designer to determine what works well and what in the space might need revision.

Do you want to know what your new window treatments look like in relation to your new sofa, new chairs, and your remodeled fireplace? Do you want to know what the proposed range hood will look like in your kitchen, and what your backsplash will look like in scale? Of course you do.

Besides, we like to make our client’s feel special. Would you rather receive a hand written thank you note, or a computer typed thank you note from the same person? Most of us would prefer receiving a handwritten note. It says, “The time I spent here was worth it.You matter to me that much.”

Here are some recent drawings we have completed for our clients. Nothing makes us happier than a client asking to frame their personal hand rendering. In my experience, that has never happen after presenting a CAD image!

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