Susan Boyle Takes the World by Storm

I have a deep affection for many things artistic, especially music. I had the opportunity to sing for wedding receptions and events in Portland for 8 years. It was a fun experience.

Have you heard Susan Boyle yet from “Britain’s Got Talent?”. Susan is a simple woman with a larger than life talent. She doesn’t have a stylist, a wardrobe designer or a make-up artist. She is simply herself. If you don’t see her beauty at first glance, it is unmistakable the minute she begins to sing.

Beauty is in all things. All of us have uniqueness. Our quirks and imperfections are what make us particularly special. Your home is the same way. What isn’t expensive, imported from Italy or priceless, may be what makes your space personalized, unique and charming. Let what is special about your home shine through. You will find perfection and magnificence in your individuality.

I hope her video leaves you with as much inspiration and happiness as it does for me.

I would have embedded the video, but unfortunately the video embedding has been disabled on YouTube. It may have something to do with this video being the most watched video of all time, surpassing the “Evolution of Dance” just this week.


Watch Susan Boyle on YouTube here.

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