Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros

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Spring is here. Make the most of your home inside and out with some simple spring cleaning tips from the pros.

Move out what you don’t need

We tend to accumulate pieces that no longer serve us. Evaluate what you don’t need. Ask yourself does it serve you today or is it time to let it go? Place things in three categories: keep, donate or store.Do you like all of the pieces on your mantle, countertops and tablescapes? Editing down these pieces will make your treasured items stand out more in your home. Tidy up your closets and drawers with the same basic questions.

I have sometimes needed a professional to help me with these decisions. I use Missy Gerber’s team from Organizers Northwest. Missy says clutter is just “postponed decisions”. They can help you make the most of what you love and help you let go of pieces that no longer serve you. You can call Missy and her team at (503) 245-3564.

Clean items not tackled in everyday cleaning

Prevent wear and tear on your upholstery by vacuuming cushions and pillows on both sides. I recommend alternating cushions every couple of weeks. Regular cleaning and flipping cushions will extend the life of your fabric.

Wipe down your baseboards and moulding to restore their clean lined look. I also clean my chandeliers, light fixtures and artwork this time of the year. A damp rag works well for this purpose. Try a vinegar and water solution for your crystal pieces. (A trick from my Mom.) If you are fortunate enough to have a housekeeper, ask them to place this task into a regular cleaning schedule. Your woodwork and fixtures doesn’t generally need a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, but once a month or every other month is a great place to start.

I’d give you the name of my awesome housekeeper, but you will have to email me directly for a referral;)


It has been my experience that homeowners overlook what a difference sparkling windows can make. We just don’t know how dirty our windows are until they are cleaned. If you are a DIY’er try the same solution of water and vinegar for your windows. I recommend using newspaper instead of a cloth to transform the windows to a sparkling shine. A squeege works great as well. On a warm day remove your screens and clean them outside on your driveway with warm soapy water, or use the same solution in your bathtub.

kenclearlyamazingHiring a window cleaning professional is great for the busy professionals. It isn’t costly and is especially a good choice for those of us with impossible to reach windows. I use Clearly Amazing Windows in the Portland metropolitan area. They recommend once a year cleanings. They will clean inside and out (including your screens and tracks.) They wear protective shoe covers in your home, they are careful around your landscaping, and they are professional and trustworthy. You can reach Ken and Jennifer at Clearly Amazing Windows by calling (503) 722-7259. (The photo features Ken from Clearly Amazing Windows.)

The Exterior of your Home

Moss and mold love the Northwest and they seem to be unwanted guests outside of most of our homes. Powerwash the outside of your home, or try using 30 second outdoor cleaner. Make sure to wear clothes you don’t mind staining. Those sensitive to harsh chemicals should use a power washer or hire a pro.

If you wish to hire this work out, Handyman Bob offers this service for his valued clients. He can be reached at (503) 780-0536. Clearly Amazing Windows, listed above, also offer this service. They can do it the day they clean your windows too.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done all in one weekend, so take your time. I recommend tackling one project at a time. Smile, have fun and enjoy this Spring weather.

ps. If you need a referral for any spring cleaning, remodeling or decorating needs just ask. I am always happy to provide a list of valuable, professional resources for you.

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