Reviving the use of Earthen Plasters

I have fallen in love with using American Clay, an environmentally friendly, sustainable option for interior wall finishes. My love affair started from across a crowded showroom. The soft, suede like texture seemed to glow within itself and summoned me to take a closer look.

Here is what American Clay says about their naturally beautiful walls. “American Clay has a commitment to reviving the use of earthen plasters, which dates back thousand of years. Earth plasters are one of the original sustainable building products – created centuries ago by artisans utilizing the dirt from their home sites. Today, American Clay Earth Plaster’s formulation provides durable and beautiful finishes, which typically last for the life of the building. The combination of beauty, durability and healthful qualities had led to a renaissance in the use of these finishes over the past several years.”
The benefits of American Clay are nothing short of amazing. In addition to a rich, warm velvety look, it has many additional health and environmental benefits. American Clay helps indoor air quality, does not support microbial growth, neutralizes electromagnetic effects, emits 0 VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and is 100% recyclable. The company has received LEED ratings due to its durability, low maintenance, and recycled content.
The possibilities are endless in color, application and texture. The application can create an adobe like clay finish, a soft suede finish, and even a look similar to Venetian plaster. Examples of how versatile American Clay textures and finishes can be.
Imperfections in your wall can be repaired by getting the area wet and applying more clay. Let’s say you rearrange photos and you want to cover an old nail whole. You would get out your old clay, add water to the clay, then the wall, and reapply. In the cases of dents and wall imperfections you can simply wet the surface and rub. Voila!
American Clay can be used in bathrooms, wine cellars and throughout the home. It can be applied over many surfaces including dry wall, gypsum board, and brick walls and fireplaces. (You can also apply American Clay and leave some of the brick exposed.) It works wells in various styles of decorating including old world, country, traditional and contemporary. American Clay can be applied by a local artisan, and some homeowners also choose to apply the product themselves.
You can learn more about American Clay by visiting their web site. If you would like a local artisan for your remodeling or building project in Portland Oregon, please call me for a referral.
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