Portland’s Forest Heights Home gets a Facelift

Our clients bought their 1994 home on Portland’s west side in Forest Heights, fully furnished from the previous owners. It was easiest that way. They had moved from Michigan to Oregon, and before that time had lived in both China and Tanzania.

The 1990s house some typical elements we see from that era: rich yellow and forest green walls, yellowed oak flooring, beige carpet in the living, dining and family room, polished brass and builder basic fixtures – and a few design snafus including a river rock fireplace.

Not much time passed before they craved a home which expressed their personal eclectic style. They called us for interior design services and though they had ideas – they were open to our ideas and recommendations of how to best spend their investment in the home transformation. Since we couldn’t exactly see hints of them in the home, we were fortunate to see some of their collected artwork. We were also thrilled to find tucked away in storage, collected keepsakes they had acquired living abroad and as passionate travelers.

We painted the main level of the home and pulled the dated carpet and laced in new hardwoods to match the existing, seamlessly finishing the hardwoods together. We demolitioned – with enthusiasm I might add – the family room fireplace. We also installed custom built in cabinets updated with storage for the television, components and our client’s record collection. Our new fireplace includes a classic seagrass limestone tile. Then we fully furnished their living spaces, incorporating the few pieces they brought to Portland.

The family’s finished interior gives hints of their global passion for world travel, culture, art, and music.

(I am going to assume you can tell the before images from the after.)

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