Sylvan Heights Bungalow Design Portland
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Sylvan Heights Bungalow

Northwest Portland, OR


Furnishings, Window Treatments, and Accessorizing
Year Built: 1987


This soothing space needed to express the two different fun personalities of our clients. His style: contemporary and sophisticated, hers: organic and artistic. +
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Sylvan Heights Bungalow Living Room Fireplace Design
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo Our client spent months languishing while trying to figure out how to furnish their front room. We began with a calligraphy inspired hand knotted rug which inspired a restful, soft palette. We are happy to report many hours of entertaining and dinner parties followed the completion of our design.
Sylvan Heights Bungalow Custom Sofa Pillows
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo Our client is a master gardener, and these botanical hand embroidered pillows perfectly exemplified her story. The antique mirrored cocktail table reflects light from the garden, and textural striped roman shades accentuate the gorgeous windows.
Sylvan Heights Bungalow Custom Fabric Chair
angela-todd-interior-designer-portfolio-logo We love selecting fabrics and patterns that infuse our client’s personality into their upholstery. This isn’t your run of the mill upholstery.