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It is hard to find someone in Portland that hasn’t heard of the Street of Dreams. The Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland has done an amazing job branding the show over the past 30+ years. It has changed over the years, but has maintained it’s position to be the most well-known home tour in the region. It has earned it’s reputation. Each year developers, architects, builders, and designers show the latest and greatest in innovation, technology and style. 60,000 people pour through these stunning showpieces clamoring to get ideas for their own home remodeling and building projects. There is no other design project opportunity to have so many see your work firsthand.

I admit, when I started my design business it was one of my goals to lead a design team on the Street of Dreams. Always the overachiever, it wasn’t good enough for me to support another designer. Being the lead designer had style, grace and I knew clients and potential clients would appreciate the experience on my resume. As my firm grew and I became more connected in the design and building community, I heard crazy stories of impossible deadlines, small budgets and huge expectations. They commonly call it on the inside “The Street of Screams”. Still, I always seem to be up for a challenge. So this year opportunity knocked, and I was one of 8 designers selected for the first urban Street of Dreams in the United States.

The Street of Dreams has been over since August 31st. It makes me laugh to think I haven’t written about it in two and a half months on my blog. Have you noticed I had a lag in writing? I can pinpoint one reason. The Street of Dreams wore me out and I needed a break. Am I glad I did it? You bet. Would I do it again? Don’t ask that question. It is like asking a new mother if she would go through labor again. Really, this is a question for another day!

Our team took home the People’s Choice Award for Best Master Suite. It was an honor. I couldn’t have done it without my design colleagues and friends Pamela Sandall and Julie Hranicka and the various vendors that helped with furniture, lighting, accessories and wall finishes.

Parker Furniture – furnishings and upholstered goods
Sherwin Williams in the Pearl – wallpaper, paint
Artistic Innovations – gloss wall finish
Lux Lighting – chandelier, rail lighting
Caplan Art Design – artwork
Portland Closets – closet system
Moonrise Blinds – window treatments

As for my resume, I am going to add ‘Street of Dreams Award Winning Designer’ to the accolades. Yahoo! Amen. It’s over.

sod-awardCan you see the award I am holding? Pictured from left: Julie Hranicka, Pamela Sandall, Angela Todd, Barbara Baldwin (Parker Furniture). Back row: Bruce Gibson (Parker Furniture).

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