Our Street of Dreams Concept

How do you choose a design concept for a penthouse in the Pearl District for the 2009 Street of Dreams? First, I knew the timeline of only weeks leading up to the show would create challenges, so I selected two talented interior designers with unique talents and attributes to support me in the design of the penthouse, Pamela Sandall and Julie Hranicka.

After touring the penthouse, we started our concept by thinking about the buyer and then the attendees of the show. Could we make people fall in love with urban living that aren’t big fans of contemporary style? Most of us can’t relate to oober modern, and we needed an space that spoke to the many visitors of the show and to potential buyers.



We came up with an overview for our first design concept meeting with Hoyt Living, the developers of the Encore.

Contemporary living offers clean lines and open spaces. It has gained momentum due to its allure of a worry free lifestyle. Its downfall: it can feel stark and cold to the average homeowner. Traditional living is timeless, comforting and has a broader appeal to the public. Its downfall: it can feel predictable and outdated. We envision a space fusing the best of these two styles, offering maxim appeal to those entertaining the possibility of urban living.

Our infused style, “The Luster of the Pearl” combines the allure of clean lines and redefined traditional silhouettes with texture and opulence. The color palette is fashion inspired with unexpected color combinations like smoky violet and tiger-eye gold backed with metallic and warm neutrals.

Potential home buyers and those seeking inspiration at the 2009 Street of Dreams will find The Encore’s clean lined, luxurious, carefree lifestyle irresistible.

Take a peek at our before photos of the unit. The penthouse is clean lined and has great features and views, but certainly a long way from a Street of Dreams masterpiece. You won’t believe the difference a few weeks can make. Come see the changes we have made to Encore’s unit 1606 this August.

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Angela is the principal designer at her boutique interior design firm in Portland, Oregon. She is known for creating memorable backdrops that tell the story of fascinating and intricate lives.

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