One Day Room Transformation Series

Last week I taught a class: ‘How to transform a space in your home in one day’. I call these one day room transformations. One lucky attendee of the class won the one day room makeover. Betty Melcher of Portland, Oregon selected her living room for the one day makeover.

The class participated in a hands-on learning activity in her living room. In four hours and for less than $300 in new accessories we completed Betty’s living room redesign.

While it is true most of my clients seek me for new construction builds, remodeling and redecorating (including new furniture, window treatments and accessories), I must admit I love the “reveal” process of a one day room transformation. It is common for a client to shed a few tears at the reveal. I believe their appreciation is mostly attributed to seeing things they treasure in new and exciting ways. Using proper placement and balance great design can be achieved with a fraction of the cost of remodeling or redecorating s space.
See the Melcher families living room transformation below in our photo gallery.
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This summer we will be holding this class again. Registration is $80 a person. If you are interested in learning the art of a one day room transformation, please email me for more information. Here is a preview of what you will learn in this class:

  • reading a room
  • aranging a great floor plan
  • balancing color and space
  • using what you have to create a better design
  • creating or accentuate a focal point
  • using lighting to get the most of your design
  • accessorizing tricks

You will learn invaluable tools to transform any space in your home into something truly rewarding.

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Angela is the principal designer at her boutique interior design firm in Portland, Oregon. She is known for creating memorable backdrops that tell the story of fascinating and intricate lives.

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