More Decorating Faux Pas

Last week I reported the top 10 decorating mistakes. It was so fun, I thought I would do it again! Here are another 15 common decorating mistakes you might see while visiting homes in and around Portland, Oregon.

11. Do it yourself faux finishing.

“My sister Diane shared a saying she once heard, ‘Too much faux finishing makes me want to faux up.’ Me too sis.”

12. Poor lighting.

“I can’t see!”

13. Fake flowers that look, well, fake.

“We can definitely add texture to your room in more creative ways”

14. Kitchen countertops that are overloaded with [insert things].

“Let’s put up the hot dog buns, juicer, blender, spatulas, jam, and salt and pepper shakers until you use them.”

15. Keeping things you hate.

“What on earth for?”

16. A drama wall that has no relationship to your other walls.

“Builder white with a gray cast doesn’t go particularly well with any color.”

17. Toilet rug surrounding the toilet.

“I have a brother. No amount of bleach makes that okay.”

18. Using mirrors to reflect nothing, or worse, something ugly.

“That reflection doubles your clutter instead of enhancing your space.”

19. Outdated fads & accessories.

“Trust me, updating your blue duck collection, ivy and grape stenciling, and Neo classic columns will make you look 15 years younger.”

20. Intense wall colors.

“Some colors just shouldn’t be part of the fan deck. That is one of them.”

21. Rooms too formal for anyone to be comfortable.

“Square footage in Portland, Oregon is at a premium. Are you sure you want a room that looks pretty and doesn’t do anything else?”‘

22. Baskets and ivy above your kitchen cabinets


23. Soaps and towels in your bathroom no one is allowed to use

“Nothing makes guests feel more welcome than, ‘Don’t use that!’ “

24. Not addressing the windows.

“I am getting a sunburn standing here. Please tell me I am here about the windows.”

25. Personal hygiene out and about. (See #14.)

“Why did you spend so much money on your countertop and lovely nightstands to clutter it up with Lubriderm and your skin care line?”

Well, that concludes my list of 1 – 25. What is on your pet peeve list of decorating faux pas?

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