Meet Ashley Waters

Ashley Waters is our associate interior designer at Angela Todd Designs in Portland, Oregon. She joined the team six month ago and we couldn’t be more thrilled with her insight, design ideas, and dedication to our clients and projects. Here is a little about Ashley in her own words.

I am a natural, down-to-earth, carefree soul. When it comes to design, I bring good instincts, thoughtfulness and vision into each project. My insightfulness comes into play often, across a wide variety of design styles, so I’m able to work with each client’s unique vision to create something extraordinary. Some would say I am a perfectionist, which is great for my clients, because you can be sure I want what you want – the perfect space for you.

I have been fortunate in the Portland design community, participating in large-scale build and remodel projects. Along the way, I have worked with some noteworthy interior designers in Portland, and that experience has enabled me not only to develop my own values, but to refine my services and design aesthetic. I worked with Angela Todd during the 2009 Street of Dreams designing textiles and bedding, not realizing we would one day work in the same studio. Most recently my work was published in Portrait of Portland magazine, after I worked with a team that remodeled a contemporary penthouse in the developing South Waterfront area.

Design runs in my blood. My father has been a custom homebuilder in the Portland area for over 30 years. I have vivid early childhood memories of him asking me watch out for the floor vents as I wandered through the bones of his framed houses. Early on, I developed the ability to envision the final form of the home, even in the framing stage. As I grew a little older, Dad handed me the gloves and I helped clean up debris at job sites. Dad gave me an early important lesson – to take pride in my work. This early exposure to the trade helped me with an innate sense of spatial responsibility. Ultimately, I understood early that each design and build decision deeply affects how a home feels and functions.

I love all aspects of designing interior spaces: The textures, the colors, the space planning, the technical aspects, as well as the individual characteristics of each client and project. I especially enjoy revealing a finished space, paying close attention to how each piece is related. There are literally thousands of details that need to be addressed, monitored and executed when building and furnishing a home. It can be daunting without experience and resources. It’s my pleasure to help you navigate through this process with a light-hearted, fun experience that exceeds your build and design expectations.



Favorite brunch spot?

This is a tough choice as I could eat brunch for every meal of the day. I’m a fan of anywhere I can sit outside in the summer. Tin Shed has a unique vibe and the eggs benedict with grits is a must when I go there. Besaws is also an old favorite.

Sentimental item?

I have an old power drill that was my grandpa’s, then my dad’s, and has been passed on to me. There’s something very special about having that small connection to them every time I feel like changing up my apartment.

Favorite local getaway?

Cannon Beach! It is so charming and remains my favorite compared to other Oregon coastal towns I’ve seen. Whether it’s raining or shining, it’s incredibly rejuvenating.

Memorable find?

A four leaf clover. It just happened recently, too. I haven’t won the lottery yet, but maybe it’s just a good reminder to feel lucky every day!

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