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Each member of our team recently wrote our professional biographies. Here is mine.


angelaphoto150pixI am a live wire. I am full of passion, drive and enthusiasm. I work hard, laugh often and enjoy the thrill of exceeding expectations. I have won national and local design awards, collaborated with world-class builders and artisans, worked with celebrity clients, and had some fun, memorable media experiences in television, print and radio. Success – especially if you define it as filling yourself and others around you with joy – has brought a beautiful life for which I am very grateful.

I work tirelessly to create exceptional space for our clients. You can expect me to be your advocate in service and interior design. People describe me as energetic, approachable and genuine. I have a deep enthusiasm for my clients, their families, and their interior projects. My life has been a wonderful unfolding of learning and fine tuning talents and skills that have ultimately allowed me to establish Angela Todd Designs as a premier interior design firm.

The creative spirit has been my strength every since I can remember. I was born with an ability to memorize colors, even being able to recall their exact shade and detail months or even years later. I excelled at art classes beginning early in my life, winning many local and state competitions. That innate ability to mix palettes of colors and patterns, and to conceptualize scale, has been a great asset to our projects.

My initial career endeavors were focused in operations, sales and marketing. These early fundamental lessons in business taught me to cater to client’s desires and they underlined the importance of establishing systems, schedules and processes. These allow us to ensure timeliness and quality assurance in our projects, and ultimately allow us to give our clients a memorable experience they will remember for years to come.

My father is my biggest cheerleader. An avid reader and entrepreneur, his life wisdom has been endless and invaluable. Two of the most pivotal lessons he taught me was to work hard to deliver exceptional customer service that will be remembered, and to always hire the best people. You will find our design and implementation team exceptional for this reason.

My education in interior design started early at home in Indiana. I am the youngest of four children. My mother also has a keen natural interior design eye, and as the baby of the family, I was the tagalong who spent countless hours watching her build and design homes and businesses. I had an early introduction to textiles and finishes from my mother, who is genuinely the most creative woman I know.

I am a member of the National Association Home Builders, and an active participant of the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland where I served for two years on the local Board of Directors of the HBA. I am the only interior designer every voted in by general membership. I also enjoy being part of the Portland Remodelers Organization. It has allowed me to learn and grow from the most experienced general contractors in the Northwest.

I reside in Portland, Oregon and call it home by choice. I married the love of my life in 2010, and inherited two beautiful children. My golden retriever rounds out our family. We love the outdoors, entertaining, and enjoying life’s unexpected moments.


What is on your bathroom vanity?

A white ceramic candle my sister gave me with the letter “A”. My MAC makeup brushes in a cute little jar, and a coordinating soap dispenser. On the other side I have a standup jewelry catch all for my necklaces and earrings. Of course there is also at least one item I forgot to put away that morning!

Favorite Color?

I couldn’t possibly pick one! Each year I have a crush on a new color. Last year it was yellow. The year before it was celery green, the year before that it was tangy orange. I always like aqua blues because they remind me of water, peacefulness and fluidity. Blue is also the color of my birthstone, and something I have chosen to wear every day – in my wedding ring. You will rarely see my “color of the year” in client projects, but you are likely to see me wearing it.

Staple in the kitchen?

Peanut butter. I am teased about it all the time. I love it with just about everything. My husband once asked my dad what we he did when I was a kid when we ran out. Dad’s reply? “Son, I never ran out of peanut butter.”

Where did you have your first kiss?

I was 12. It was on Spring Break in a log cabin on a playground. I thought it was never going to happen!

Best recipe?

I have four things I can make really well: Waldorf Salad, chili, chicken croissants, and yeast rolls. These are all recipes from my mother and sisters who are amazing cooks. Me? I follow directions well!

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Angela Todd

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Angela is the principal designer at her boutique interior design firm in Portland, Oregon. She is known for creating memorable backdrops that tell the story of fascinating and intricate lives.

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