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I don’t know what it is about human nature, but we love before and after photography of interiors. It is almost as though we appreciate the “after” more when we see the state of the “before”. I am including a new section on my interior design web site with before and after photos using a picture within a picture.

The focal point of the room is the first thing you are drawn to when you enter a space, so having it displayed so it is pleasing to the eye is the first step in creating a great space.

The ‘before’ mantle featured in this photo lacked unity and had too many accessories. The eye was confused and the area looked clutter and unfocused.

Using the clients existing pieces available on the mantle and in the home, we simplified the accessories and created unity. The effect is pleasing the eye and sets the stage for the rest of the room.

In the next photo, the “after” transformation was achieved in a half day using mostly existing pieces in the client’s home. I call this a “one day room redesign”. In just a few hours and for as little as $500 we can transform a space in one day!

The client said, “We recently moved and with two year old triplets, had a new house without a single room that was truly put together. Angela has given our family a room that incorporates all of our needs which is comfortable and we are proud to show off…a place for my husband to kick back and watch TV, a space for the girls to play and neatly house their toys, an a room for us to entertain in. She is a delight to work with, has fantastic ideas and I look forward to working with her again!!!”

The triplets play area, organized and ready for coloring, storytime, puzzle solving and goofing around.

Below: The family room also featured a cozy space by the fire.

Last, another opportunity for the 24 month old triplets to drink tea and play house by the garden windows.

Alot of my clients ask about my personal style in my own home. There are two schools of thought from interior designers. Share it and be proud of it –OR — don’t share because clients might only associate you with your personal style.

I am not sure what to think of all that. So, with caution to the wind, here is a project I worked on in my own home. Most of the plates above the cabinets are from my Grandma Margaret’s collection from England and France. She was a farm gal from Michigan, who lived through the depression. I still don’t know why she had only one dinner plate from so many collections. Her maiden name was Dewitt (French) and she married my Grandpa Todd (English) once upon a time. This side of my family has European roots that run deep and it makes me proud to display her treasured pieces in my kitchen each day. Speaking of family, my Father bought me the Kitchen Aid Mixer (to the left of the stove) when I purchased my first house. He may have bought me the mixer, but he has reminded me I didn’t inherit my design eye from him. Thank God for Mom’s side.

I believe we all deserve a space that reflects our personal style. To me, my kitchen feels like me. It has traditional roots, but it isn’t stuffy. It is updated, without being mainstream predictable. Best of all, the light ethreal blues and silvers are colors that speak to my inner Pisces.

We all deserve a space that feels like us don’t we?

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