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Five and a half years ago Angela was interviewed by the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Metropolitan Portland in their monthly newspaper, The Home Builder’s News. Angela served as a board member for the Home Builders Association in 2009 and 2010. We have been proud members of the Professional Remodeler Organization serving on many committees in leadership roles over the past few years. Angela has also participated as an interior designer at two Portland Street of Dreams winning several People’s Choice awards including Best Interior Design, Best Master Suite and Best Kitchen Design. We recently stumbled upon this old Q&A with Angela and wanted to share it with you.
Around the same time, Angela wrote a blog about her experience designing interiors for a living. You can read about that here.
Angela Todd Interior Design

Angela Todd’s vibrant red hair, impeccable taste in clothing, Midwestern drawl and perky personality make her as unique and memorable as the rooms she styles. This professional interior designer has deep roots in all things artistic and has a passion for life and beautiful spaces. Consequently, in 2005 she started Angela Todd Designs, a full-service interior design firm dedicated to incorporating clients’ personal style and treasures into their spaces.

While relatively new to the HBA, Todd’s made the most of her year with the association by joining the Professional Remodelers Organization, PRO Marketing Committee, PRO Steering Committee and the Communications Committee and helping out at the Ultimate Open House styling homes. She’s a consistent fixture at HBA events and is quick to flash a smile, tell a joke and leave you feeling more upbeat about the world in no time flat, making her a welcome addition to any group she joins.

A regular contributor on KXL’s Around the House with Handyman Bob during her segment, “The Design Angle,” Angela is also a regular interior design blogger on her site and guest blogger several websites.

In her free time, Todd enjoys weekends in wine country and on Oregon coast, spending time on the water and in her garden, and relaxing with those she loves. Her pride and joy are her two darling dogs, a golden retriever named Kashmir and a sheltie named Sadie Sue.

Business Basics

How’d You Get Started: I started my career in marketing and sales. It was a great foundation for running a successful business. When I stopped liking what I did for a living, I knew it was time to follow my dream of designing interiors.

Secrets to Success: As a designer, I listen first and then speak. As a business partner, I work to connect people and share opportunities.

Measuring Success: I measure success by my personal happiness. To me, being happy is the secret to success in all of life.

Business Mentors or Heroes: I love my mentors – so many have influenced me! My father is a great entrepreneur and taught me the value of building strong relationships with people and business partners. I also have great respect for successful business women who are great partners and coaches for me. Additionally, I have learned tons from the remodelers and builders I work with.

Making the Call

Business Decision You’re Most Proud Of: Giving up my “golden handcuffs” and finding the courage to go back to school and start my own design business.

Principals I Use For Big Decisions: Do what feels right. Be honest and direct when you need to but always with kindness. And I always talk through big decisions with mentors. They keep me grounded and focused.

The Best Business Advice You’ve Received: Do what you are most passionate about and the money will follow.

Where I’ve Been, Where I am Going

What I Learned From My First Job: I worked for my Dad and knew I had a burning desire to grow and run my own business someday. Dad said, “There are three kinds of people in life. Those who make things happen, those who let things happen, and those that wonder what happened. Decide who you are Angela.”

First “Career” Job: I worked in marketing and branding at a hearing health care start up. It relocated me to Portland.

As a Kid, I Wanted to Be: A designer, a business owner, a writer or a professional singer. I am fortunate to have done all four.

If I Weren’t Doing This, I’d Be: Living a life I didn’t intend.

Insider Information

People Would Be Surprised to Know: I was a lead singer for a wedding and event band in Portland for eight years.

If I Could Work For Free For Any Cause/Charity, It Would Be: I would create special spaces for children and families who are dealing with tough times, poverty or illness.

Famous Words I wished I’d Said: “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” – Zig Ziglar

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Angela Todd

Owner & Principal Designer

Angela is the principal designer at her boutique interior design firm in Portland, Oregon. She is known for creating memorable backdrops that tell the story of fascinating and intricate lives.

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