Hello from the East Coast

This week I am in High Point, North Carolina at Furniture Market. High Point Market is the world’s largest furnishing market with over 11,000 square feet and 180 buildings of furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories. 80,000 of my peers and I have invaded this little city for the fall show. For an interior designer like me, it is pure sensory pleasure. I may have exhaustion all week long, but it will be bliss at the same time. My husband on the other hand (who stayed back in Portland) told me last weekend he thought market sounded excuriatingly boring like going to a fabric store with his Mom when he was little. “I will just go look at the buttons Mom,” he said to me in a defeated little boy voice.

I have a lot to accomplish in 6 days. Here is my to do list “Bridget Jones Diary” style:

  1. Seek new, innovative fabricators and furniture makers for our projects. Specifically, some more case good and lighting lines.
  2. Wear comfortable, sensible shoes because if it is anything like Las Vegas market, heels are a BAD idea and not sensible
  3. Drink plenty of water because I will be walking, standing and talking for miles
  4. Dress fashionably, but comfortable
  5. Look for inspiration around every corner
  6. Take photos of celebrity designers without seeming like a stalker or worse
  7. Think twice about lugging around a roller bag or a large handbag. I always set them down somewhere and find myself backtracking to find my lost item. (Why can’t I take all my notes and to do items in my ipad anyway?)
  8. Try not to eat breakfast, lunch and have a cocktail at every stop. A little nibble here and there won’t hurt right?
  9. Keep my hands off my hips when I am listening. I hate how that looks. Don’t you?
  10. Try really, really hard to not pick up the southern dialect. It is embarrassing to my friends and colleagues when I do that.

That is my simple list for now. Mama Todd is with me from Indianapolis, so this should be fun and interesting. I will be posting photos and updates through Twitter this week. I hope to talk with you there.

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