Faux Bois for Fall

One trend this Fall 2008 seems to be in alignment with our focus on all things natural. Well it isn’t really natural, but it looks like wood doesn’t it?

Faux Bois’ is French for wood and it is hotter than ever this season featured in fabrics, area rugs, room screens, and even lighting. The look blends well into modern, casual contemporary, French and country styles. To be honest, it could also be well blended into other styles like traditional, but if you don’t consider yourself at least a novice decorator, call an experienced friend or an interior designer for a consultation.
If you have flipped through your Pottery Barn catalog, you have probably seen rugs and pillows with faux bois this season. See right photo courtesy of Pottery Barn on sale now for $16.99.
Candice Olson and Martha Stewart have also jumped on the faux bois wagon. Candice offers faux bois fabrics in her Norwalk collection and Martha has bedspreads and towels featuring the pattern in her Macy’s collection. Don’t you love how we are all on a first name basis now?

The replicated wood look is also frequently featured this season in furnishings. Ballard Designs features this coffee table, which would definitely start a conversation in your living room everytime you had a new guest visit your home.

These silk lamp shades featured in faux bois are awesome from Lamps Plus. If you like this look, there is no need to purchase another lamp base. Simply measure your current lampshade’s length and width and find a similar shade size to match the proportion of your lamp.
If you like this lampshade, you can purchase it online, or if you are in Oregon contact Tony Jump. He is my client lighting consultant and he will treat you right.
I especially love white and cream faux bois adored and framed around mirrors and art pieces. West Elm featured a lovely mirror in their early collection, but for now it is sold out.

You will notice faux bois this season in many stores you regularly shop. Look for it in home goods from fabric to furniture. I even saw a soap dish the other day at Target featuring the look!

Here is a write up from “The Home” about driftwood pieces. I enjoyed these looks.
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