Better Living Show – Our Energy Trust Concept Home

The Better Living Show in Portland, Oregon is in its 3rd consecutive year. It’s mission is to bring better living through sustainable living, building and remodeling. This year I was asked to help with the interior design of the concept home in the center of the show, sponsored by Energy Trust of Oregon. The home was built by Jim Feild of Progressive Builders Northwest. I asked Garrison Hullinger, an exceptional interior designer and friend to help me with the design and procurement of essential pieces for the home. In addition to Garrison’s talent adding to the project – what fun it would be for us to collaborate on a project!

Like all show homes, the timeline is short and there are tons of hiccups. I am always like a new mother who is going through extensive labor pains the last few days before a show starts. I swear I will never have another baby (show home). “This is it! Never again.” Yes, everyone has heard me eat my words several times now. Well, it is just the pressure talking. I hate to admit it, but I seem to thrive under the pressure of deadlines and last minute details that unravel and need creativity to fix. It the thrill of the finished work and people’s astonishment I guess. Yep, I will do it again.

The Energy Trust was an honor to work on because it showcases great building ideas for the consumer who wants to dip their foot into green building and remodeling. The home featured among many things:

  • Eco Roofing from Fisher Roofing and product from distributor Malarkey Roofing
  • Hardy Siding from Lakeside Lumber and product from James Hardy
  • Energy Star Windows from A Cut Above
  • Native Landscaping Design from West Coast Natives & Willamette Graystone & Scholl’s Farm & Nursery
  • Outdoor Furniture from Solar Interior Design and Slate Originals
  • Cork, Marmoleum and Luxury Vinyl Tile from Interstate Flooring and product provided by Cronin
  • Low VOC paint from Benjamin Moore
  • Recycled Glass countertops from Fuez
  • Porcelin Tile with LEED credits from Interstate Flooring and product provided by S’Tile
  • Kitchen Recycled Glass Hardware from Spectra Decor
  • Energy Efficient Appliances from Basco
  • CFL (Compact Flourescent Lighting) and LED lighting from Hudnut
  • Sustainable furniture and accessories from Mitchell Gold – Bob Williams
  • Recycled and Natural Rugs for NW Rugs
  • Lighting from Mitchell Gold – Bob Williams and Lamps Plus

The show was held this last weekend: March 26th through March 28th at the Expo Center in Portland, Oregon. 30,000+ people came to see the exhibitors and walked through the show house. We hope you found yourself a little inspired!

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