Angela is syndicated this November and December

I am now syndicated! At least that is what MJ, the board operator of the control room KXL 750 AM announced to me with a smile last Saturday after he locked up my interview in an electronic vault. I giggled at the officialness of the word ‘syndicated’.

While Portland, Oregon’s KXL played a live feed of the Ducks game Saturday, November 1st, Bob Strong Oregon’s Home Handyman, and I recorded interior design insider secrets at the studio. These segments broadcasted live outside the Portland metropolitan area on November 1st, and will also be played again in November and December for the Portland market.

You can tune into Around the House with Handyman Bob Strong on Saturdays from 12:00pm to 2:00pm each week. During the months of December we will be covering:

Do-it-yourself Decorating Advice
One Day Room Transformations
How to Choose the Perfect Wall Color
10 Steps to a Smaller Carbon Footprint at Home
Holiday Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Decorating

Listen to the KXL’s 11/8/08 show’s full two hours here.

Each week Bob Strong highlights a “really cool tool.” On November 1st Bob introduced the Hang and Level Tool, invented by an interior designer, the tool makes hanging artwork simple. To use it, you hold the tool against the wall, hook your picture wire on the tool’s hook and push the button. The button makes a pin prick in the wall exactly where to hang your artwork. No measuring, no pain in the you know what. It’s straight. Result = Fabulous!

Bob generously gave me the tool following the show. I asked him to autograph the tool – now in Sharpie the side of the tool reads, “Thank you for all of your advice! Bob Strong”

Perhaps when I come to your place for a one day room transformation, or to help you hang artwork, we can use the tool together. You might fall so much in love with it we will have to get you one too!

Here is a goofy video on YouTube about the Hang and Level Tool. It is silly, but an effective point of how (and why) to use the tool.

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