A New Definition for ‘Seasonal Decorating’

In late November and early December we trek to our attic or storage closet in search of holiday decor. Most of us don’t stop with just the tree. We change our mantels, table tops, and dining areas to elaborate displays of garland, candles and twinkling holiday lights. Some of us even adjust furnishings to accommodate our holiday tree. Have you ever noticed how exciting it is to see your home decorated in a new way?

Why not change up your home more often for seasonal changes? Seasonal decorating has gained fast popularity. The concept is fairly straightforward and can be likened to your wardrobe. Although you may have some clothes in your closet that can be worn in any season, you undoubtedly wouldn’t pull out your sundress for a cold Oregon January day.

Treat your home the same way and layer up for winter. Place inviting warm throws on your ottoman or a chair, exchange artwork with winter inspired prints, bring in darker colors, chunky candlesticks, rich velvety pillows and cozy fabrics.

In the spring time, pull back some of those layers. Consider a cream cotton slip cover for a cozy chair, choose knitted throws, introduce lighter accent colors, cooler toned accessories and update your artwork to inspire the season.

In addition to freshening up your room, seasonal decorating has some not so obvious advantages as well. Most of us over accessorize our rooms. Over accessorized rooms confuse the eye. It is as though your eye doesn’t focus anywhere and nothing seems special. You can find more room for pieces you love when you have two versions of your room.

Try seasonal decorating. You will see immediately why it has gained so much buzz. Every few months, your “old” things will appear fresher and will excite your eyes in ways they haven’t in years.

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Angela is the principal designer at her boutique interior design firm in Portland, Oregon. She is known for creating memorable backdrops that tell the story of fascinating and intricate lives.

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