2013 Interior Design Trends

Ashley and I just returned from the Fall market in High Point, North Carolina, showcasing the latest and greatest in interior design Nationally. If I were able to sum up interior design trends for 2013, I would say it is bold, not flashy, and laced with tailored design stemming from a detailed eye. Although there will always be inexpensive, lower quality pieces in the marketplace, furniture makers and artisans as a whole are raising their game. Bravo!

Our firm works with a lot of local Oregon artisans, as well as larger American made furniture makers. New pieces in the market are innovative. They aren’t your grandmother’s old traditional pieces either – and they also don’t scream old Americana. What our American furniture makers can do today will simply blow you away. The designs are grounded in tradition, but fresh and inspiring. They have staying power, classic lines, and the details and options are mind boggling.

Wood & Iron Pieces

This year furniture manufacturers have brought to market case goods with more than wood and simple painted finishes. Quality cases goods have a variety of options now including bright, bold colors, pin striping, metallic and gold leaf, white washed and gray washed, bright lacquered finishes, and linen textured like finishes that are supple to the hand. How we live today is being considered. Imagine opening a drawer and seeing a damask metallic pattern that complements your room, a power source for your electronics, or a place to hang your car keys. Personalization of pieces in mid to higher end furniture makers is making a big splash – making a simple coffee table, armoire or dining room table available in literally thousands of finish combinations.

A beautiful coral lacquer finish with hints of Asian style from Century Furniture. Like many pieces, this piece is available in hundreds of custom finishes.

This dresser from Bernhardt furniture features nickel gap drawers and classic hardware, but it is the metallic gold matte finish on the hardware and legs, coupled with the layered neutral finish that makes it a fresh take on classic design.


A wide range of upholstery details are also now available on sofas, chairs, ottomans and headboards. The silhouettes are being celebrated with interesting welting, contrasting fabrics, nail head and tape designs. Fabric possibilities are endless with most manufacturer lines – the lines allow interior designers to send in custom fabrics. Once again these great details provide additional options to the pieces – making the piece in your living room one-of-a-kind.


Bright colors not used in several seasons like Kelly green, strawberry, sunny yellow, and aubergine are taking the stage, mixing with the more conservative colors and neutrals like gray, navy blue, stone and praline. Spaces are backed with metallics blended into fabrics, hardware, lighting, accessories and other room finishes.

Metals & Finishes

Metals are also being mixed thoroughly. Surprisingly the look provides an interesting delight for the eyes! From the traditional to the contemporary clientele, mixing gold and silver in accessories provides a fun twist and lift of excitement. I find myself excited to tell some of my older clients that I can make their love of polished brass work!

Fretwork details in a complex metallic finish make this chair both sophisticated and memorable.

Wall & Ceiling Details

Since we are paying attention to the details, wall finishes and ceilings are also no longer being ignored. Sorry, a coat of paint on your walls or ceiling will no longer satisfy you. Walls include wallpaper, American Clay, trowel finishes, wood paneling, wainscoting, lacquer, and other textural finishes like linen and grasscloth. We are even seeing walls tailored in fabric with upholstery tape and nail-head trim.

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