10 questions to ask yourself about unused space in your home

Do you have a space in your home you don’t use? I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of this blog by Jan Springer, the director of the Heritage School of Interior Design in Beaverton, Oregon. I wanted to share it with you. The original blog was posted at the Oregon Women’s Report.

If you have spaces or rooms that you do not use in your home consider the following…

1. How is the space used? By whom?
2. Does the space have a specific purpose?
3. Is it furnished with comfortable furniture?
4. Is there adequate seating with adjacent tables?
5. Is the furniture arrangement conducive for conversation?
6. Are your favorite colors used throughout the space?
7. Have you personalized the space with your style?
8. Does the space have adequate lighting?
9. Does the space feel crowded? Is there too much clutter?
10. Is there a focal point?

Too often we create a “showplace” that is not inviting, especially in living rooms. Interior Design is not about expensive, hands-off spaces but is about creating spaces we love. Rooms should be inviting
and yet meet the needs of everyday living.

The best designed space is the one we use. Rooms should compel us to visit and stay awhile.

Jan Springer has an outstanding 13 week interior design program focused on teaching the art of interior decorating as a business. While it doesn’t take the place of a degree in interior design, it covers great fundamentals for learning the elements and principles of design, color, custom furnishing fabrication, window treatments, accessorizing and home staging. I have immense respect and admiration for Jan Springer and many of the graduates of the program. You can learn more about the interior design school in Portland here.

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