Portland oregon old house
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1916 Portland Foursquare – JJ Mann Residence

Portland, OR


Light Restoration & Interior Furnishings
Year Built: 1916


Angela participated in the Fall 2019 One Room Challenge and in just six weeks updated the entry of her 1916 Portland Foursquare home. (Angela honors JJ Mann, the original builder who lived with his family in the home for nearly 50 years.) She is passionate about old homes and original features that cannot be replaced once altered. In this design she worked with the original woodwork, windows, and fixtures while bringing in unexpected splashes of color and pattern that are her signature. Angela in her own words: "I work to tell a visual story about my clients, and this time I had an opportunity to interpret me while still honoring my home's history. It was fun to explore what I could create without anyone pulling in the reigns. I wanted my entry to transform you into a world of wonder, possibility and magic. I also wanted to show old house owners how existing woodwork that may seem at first to be out of fashion - can be made fresh again with a well selected color palette. All the decisions I made allow personal expression while leaving intact original features in the home that can be enjoyed for many years to come. The large format trailing orchid wallpaper with hummingbirds was my inspiration, and provides a modern touch, while the blue backdrop brings out the woodwork's warmth." +
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