Why we don’t shop at Pottery Barn

Now that I probably have your attention from the title of this blog, let me clarify. We have nothing against Pottery Barn, but we don’t shop there for our clients. Ditto for other retail furnishing and accessory stores like Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Home Goods, Ballard Designs and the like.

Why you might ask?

Our clients desire a unique, personalized space that is all their own. They want a look that tailored to their style and the life they live. Our firm has a vast variety of resources in home furnishings, lighting, textiles and finishes. We have gained these resources through trade shows, designer showrooms, and by working with expert artisans and top notch builders and remodelers. You know that crazy idea you have in your head for a sofa, or table? We don’t think you are crazy. We know where to find it, or where to have it made.

A retail showroom has a variety of limited looks. Their merchandising department employs a few designers that put together a look for the public that shop at the store. It isn’t a customized approach to interior design. There is nothing wrong with it per se, but when a client works with us we want them to have an unshoppable look personalized to well, them.

We select from many resources both lines and custom design options for our clients. Working with our design firm is like having a merchandising department employed by you to put together a look that revolves around you. Yes, what you desire and love to surround yourself with is that important to us.

We will build a sofa for you with a seat depth that feels comfortable to you. We will cover a new chair with upholstery that little ones in your home won’t wear down. We will find you a coffee table with the exact finish and size you need for your home. We will customize window treatments that enhance your beautiful woodwork and view. And guests that visit your house will ask, “Where did you get that? I haven’t seen anything like that while shopping around town.” Feel free to just smile.

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Angela Todd

Owner & Principal Designer

Angela is the principal designer at her boutique interior design firm in Portland, Oregon. She is known for creating memorable backdrops that tell the story of fascinating and intricate lives.

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