Updated Design for the White House

Left: Vern Yip’s Oval Office concept

Every four years our White House goes through major remodeling and renovation. Each new first family is given $100,000 from taxpayers to personalize the private sections of the residence. Of course, that money only goes so far in the most well known residence in the United States, so private donations are also used. I can imagine it isn’t hard to get furniture, textiles and fabrics donated to redecorating the White House. I can only imagine the PR possibilities for these companies, contractors and interior designers.

There is tons of speculation about the look the Obama family will sprinkle into the space. Several HGTV designers featured elevated wall plans of the White House. I have included three renderings in this post. To see all of the rooms, visit the Associated Presses Blog “Obama White House could be green, high-tech

Right: Taniya Nayak’s Green Room concept

Presidential families have been making decorating and remodeling updates since the beginning. The Bush family worked to add sustainable energy solutions, as well as updating the Lincoln bedroom with period pieces. In addition to interior design, former President Clinton added a running track to the residence. On the campaign trail after bowling a horrible score, Barack Obama joked when he was elected the White House’s bowling alley would be changed to a basketball court.

I personally love when traditional style meets contemporary styling. It is possible to keep a historical feel in the White House and then use furnishings, window treatments and colors, and artwork that sprinkle in a contemporary feel. I am counting on Michelle Obama to showcase this lovely eclectic mix.

Left: Kim Myles features the Lincoln Bedroom with an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary style.

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