The Ultimate Open House – Portland style

Mortgage rates are at an all time low. Homes in the Portland, Oregon market are priced to sell with outstanding value. First time home buyers are eligible for a $7500 tax credit. Builders are offering wonderful incentives. Spring is just around the corner. What could be better than purchasing a new home in April? Clearly not much.

The Home Builders Association is holding its annual Ultimate Open House on April 18th-19th and 25th-26th. Dozens of top-notch builders in the Portland, Oregon area and beyond will be participating in the tour showcasing condos, townhomes and custom designed homes.

The Portland chapter Interior Design Society (IDS) is partnering with the Home Builders Association (HBA) this year to furnish and accessorize many of these lovely homes.

As the 2009 Vice President-Elect of the Portland IDS, I have been working hard with the builders, to match up teams of talented design members. Each home has its own flavor and personality, and as designers it is our job to showcase the talents of the many craftsman who have worked so hard on each of these homes.

We hope to see you at one of our showcased homes. If you run into me, please say hello. I will be around both weekends!

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Angela Todd

Owner & Principal Designer

Angela is the principal designer at her boutique interior design firm in Portland, Oregon. She is known for creating memorable backdrops that tell the story of fascinating and intricate lives.

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