Luster of the Pearl – Opening Night

Our Street of Dreams penthouse is finished and Thursday night launched the Street of Dreams at the Mid Summer Night’s Dream. That probably sounds like simple phrase, but the impact for me of “finishing” the space was truly monumental. I was the last penthouse completed, due to taking on cosmetic reconstruction of the fireplace and adding tile improvements to the kitchen. I put my heart and soul into The Luster of the Pearl. The process was a whirlwind of early mornings, late nights and weekends. This Street of Dreams challenged me in extraordinary ways that made me a better project manager, communicator, designer and partner to my vendors.

The Mid Summer Night’s Dream is a black tie event. I started with my friends at Parker Furniture and Stanley Home Renovation and Design. We walked the streets of the Pearl to the two penthouses at Block 90 and 937 Group. At about 9:00pm we took the elevator to the 16th floor at the Encore. The hallway was buzzing with activity, and we slowly approached my project, The Luster of the Pearl. The entry into the penthouse I have spent the last three months entering was traffic jammed with visitors taking in the grand entrance of floor to ceiling mirrors, balanced on the other side of the entry with a custom finish by Artistic Innovations. My heart was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm for the entry we created with details like upholstery tacked doors, a fresh bouquet of flowers from Sunshine Floral, and console table by Master Furniture Makers.

In my opinion, sunset and sundown is always the best time to see The Luster of the Pearl. The skyline creates a glow in the penthouse, aided by wall treatments from Artistic Innovations. I stuck around for a few minutes hearing comments from visitors that made my heart sing. It was an overwhelming success. They seemed to notice every detail in the space. My favorite was a woman who screamed when she first saw our powder room laced in lime and metallic damask wallpaper from Sherwin Williams in the Pearl. She came out of the bathroom and found me in the living room. She said, “I just have to hug you after seeing that bathroom!”

The warm reception for the design of the penthouse warmed my heart in ways I cannot express in writing. On Friday and Saturday I received telephone calls from industry peers, contractors and visitors who were so moved by the design concept, they wanted to tell me about it. Now that is a dream isn’t it?

Come see the Luster of the Pearl for yourself anytime in the month of August. I’d love to hear your feedback. You can even cast your vote for your favorite penthouse in the show. Tickets are on sale here.

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