Remodeling your bathroom? Add a Steam shower.

I highly recommend adding a steam shower to your master bathroom remodel. Would you like to know why?

Screen Shot 2019 04 01 At 6.06.03 PmFor thousands of years in many cultures, steam was considered a ritual of self care. In Ancient Greece vapor baths and aromatic oils were part of a person’s regular routine. The Roman Empire created structures with natural stones that were as much about social interaction as a place to steam and bathe. Many Buddhist temples in Japan had saunas and steam baths available for all to use at any time. The Brits, the Turkish and Russians all had their own interpretation of public hydrotherapy steam as well. The list is anything but comprehensive, but I’m sure you get the point, right? With so many cultures embracing steam independently on their own, maybe we should be asking ourselves why we don’t have it today in our bathrooms.

Steam has many health and beauty benefits. It moisturizes the skin, it removes toxins and impurities, it clears up skin issues, it improves flexibility, it loosens tight muscles, and it is a wonderful stress reducer. If you are like most busy people I know, getting to the spa regularly to enjoy benefits of steam would be just another to do on your growing list of things to do. Why not bring a little luxury to your own home and add a steam unit to your shower when embarking on a bathroom remodel?

Steam showers are fairly easy for a remodeling or build professional to add your bathroom. Your shower can be petitie or small, have natural stone, or other man-made materials such as porcelain. Tile and glass will provide an enclosed space with will contain the steam and nourish you while you relax in the shower. You can also opt to add a louvered glass panel “window” for additional ventilation, although it isn’t necessary. Here are is a simple design for a standard bathroom that can work beautifully – from Mr. Steam.

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Vaulted Ceiling Steam Shower with Louvered Glass Door

Speaking of Mr. Steam, I love working with them. They have been creating steam for 100 years and their units are second to none in performance. Their unit is self contained, self draining and provides a limited lifetime guarantee. You can add music or aromatherapy to your bath as well. Imagine the subtle hint of an essential oil of lavender or rosemary at the touch of a button. You can program settings for you and anyone else in the home according to your liking. And if touching the dial is too much trouble you can tie into Alexa. “Alexa – turn on the steam.”

It is affordable. It is worth it. Spoil yourself with thousands of years old wisdom. You deserve it.

I am working on a couple of projects as we speak with steam showers.  One is in Laurelhurst for a master bathroom.  I will post back here the link to the project once we finish.

Angela Todd is an interior designer in Portland, Oregon that spoils her hard working clients with great design, insight, and luxury amenities in their beautiful, spectacular homes.



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