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The best part of being an interior designer in Portland, well anywhere really, are the friendships we develop with the people and families we serve. One of our well-known clients, Donald Miller, released a new book this month called Storyline. I just ordered it from Amazon. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

When I was introduced to Don Miller in 2010 to help with the interior design for his home, I admit I didn’t have the foggiest idea who he was. He traveled a lot, and I knew his hobbies included being outdoors and reading tons of books. To illustrate my point, just to house his favorite reference books we designed a floor to ceiling bookcase!

During the project, I started to hear about his book writing. So I poked around the Internet, followed him on twitter, and I bought my first book and read it. When I told Don, he mumbled something about that wasn’t his best book, marched into a nearby closet and gave me a copy of A Million Miles and Thousand Years. I read it on my honeymoon in Fiji by the ocean. Then my husband read it too, and I read it a second time two months later. At Christmas we gave both our fathers signed copies of the book. Needless to say, I am a big fan of Don Miller’s authentic, honest, writing style. His simple wisdom has adjusted my philosophy about how to live a good, fulfilling life.

One day I was at Don’s house checking on an interior design installation, and he was there with colleagues discussing the books impact on reader’s daily lives. I chimed in that the book made me rethink creating memories in my daily life. So they asked me on the spot if I would be willing to talk on camera about my experience. When I said yes they abruptly pulled out the camera! The video link isn’t active online anymore, which I am not sure is a good or bad thing. Here was the original blog post. http://donmilleris.com/2010/08/13/creating-memorable-scenes/

Since that time we have had the pleasure of working again with Don at his office in Northwest Portland. Our work included designing custom desks that housed (wait for it) more books, and two masculine tartan swivel chairs from Vanguard Furniture that I recall Don texting to me, “Okay, order those way too expensive chairs.” (Don is a bit frugal, but we love him anyway.)

Commercial Space, interior design Don MIller

Don trying out one of his new chairs at our installation day at his office in Northwest Portland. If you look closely you can see a section of his custom wood desk (made of Sepelia wood) that houses his books.

Below is a personal video from Don about his new book. If it is anything like the other three I have read, I highly recommend you pick up a copy! In the video you will meet Lucy, his chocolate lab. You will also in the background his custom sofa with a chaise we designed for him. It makes us so happy to see him living and working around what we created.

Best wishes on the new book and in life Don!

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