Fine Furniture is like Good Whiskey


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On a recent trip to Ireland over Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I was fortunate enough to visit the Jameson Distillery in Dublin.  The tour provided a great overview of the history of not only Jameson Whiskey, but also Irish Whiskey.  Irish whiskey is distilled three times from the original wort and aged in barrels made in the Isles of Ireland.  American whiskey and bourbon, as well as Scotch whisky, is only distilled once or twice.  It is this refinement that gives Irish whiskey its signature style and character.

It got me to thinking about the similarities between good whiskey and fine furniture: both are crafted by highly skilled artisans always striving for the best quality and originality in what they do. When we traveled to the Spring High Point Furniture Market in April, it really made me reflect again on the inspiration and skill that goes into each piece of furniture that is produced.  We were fortunate to be invited to a private factory tour at Ambella Home this year, and had a chance to speak with the amazing people who dedicate years of their lives into their craft.  (More about our tour at Ambella Home here.)  It is much the same when sitting down and enjoying a whisky that took 12 years to produce and age in casks.  Both of these products started with innovation and commitment.  They are evolving.  They are integral in arousing the enjoyment of our lives, the entertaining of our spirits, and the communion of family and friends.

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Here are some of our favorite places to enjoy great whiskey selections in Portland, Oregon:

Vintage Cocktail Lounge
Multnomah Whiskey Library
Whiskey Soda Lounge

Here is to savoring and appreciating the fine things in life, even if Irish Whiskey isn’t your drink of choice.


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