Downsizing/Rightsizing: What To Do With All Your Stuff?

Do you know why it’s so fun to stay at a hotel? I know lots of reasons! Room service, mini bars, fresh sheets and towels. But it’s also because we have escaped from our stuff! And look, we’re still having fun without it. Or maybe because of it. If you would like to duplicate this freeing feeling at home, it’s easier than you think.

You don’t have to be moving from a large home to a small condo. If you are frustrated by the amount of chattel robbing your home of usable space, you too can enjoy the freedom that comes from living with less. You’ve probably heard the term “downsizing” but at Organizers Northwest, we prefer to think of it as “rightsizing”. Getting your life right. If not now, when? It’s not about letting things go without a reason; it’s about reviewing your items and your space and making informed decisions.

What gets to live in your home? What soothes and serves you? Do you love it? Do you use it? Everything you own gets a piece of you. Everything. Some gear takes a physical effort, like cleaning, polishing, gas or batteries. Other items have an emotional cost. You’ve never liked that vase from Aunt Mary but you don’t feel right about giving it away either. But what do you do with all the treasures that are too good for the trash, but that no longer serve you? This site can help you make those decisions. Go to and enter your zip code. You will find many great, local folks who would love to have your items. They will be given new life, and help others. As Della would say, “There’s more than enough to go around”.

This guest blog was written by Missy Gerber of Organizers Northwest. Missy and her team are expert at helping you live a more carefree life with less clutter.

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