Cabin Fever = Productive

The holiday snow in Portland slowed most of us down. We spent more time at home, lost precious shopping time, and some of us weren’t able to make it to work for several days. (Darn!)

During the Christmas holiday I combated cabin fever by working on web site improvements. Steve Johnson from Sawtooth Internet Development and I worked together to integrate my blog into my website. Steve made the transition easy, being the technician behind the scenes (the important part) allowing me to focus on the design elements. He had great ideas and is truly a wiz! Imagine – a web designer who listens, finishes quickly and gets the project done on schedule.

If you need help with your blog, or want to move your existing web site to the next level he is the right person to call. (Special thanks to Brandie Kajino – The Home Office Organizer. Brandie is a well respected colleague who has helped me with “what I don’t know about blogging” and introduced me to Steve. He created her oober cool site too!)

If you are receiving this post via email, I’d love for you to visit the blog on the Angela Todd Designs web site. (If you are on my site reading this, no point in clicking the link.) [grin] The new look features awesome new bells and whistles:

  • an email subscription box
  • design categories to find past blogs by topic
  • a quick list of recent visitor comments
  • a keyword search box that covers all past blogs

Visit, Read, Search, and post a comment or two. I’d love to receive your feedback!

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