Giving Thanks: Angela’s perspective

This time of the year makes me think about what I am thankful for:

  • I am thankful for a supportive family, great friends, awesome clients and a special someone in my life that makes me ponder the word ‘soulmate’ for the first time in my life.
  • I am thankful for a thriving interior design business. I feel as though I play all day, everyday. What could be sweeter?
  • My clients truly amaze me. It is a pleasure to help infuse their personalities and style into their homes. I cherish them.
  • My sister Diane is my rock in life. She understands me before I even speak. I am really lucky to have such a great support.
  • I am thankful for my friends at KXL radio. I adore Handyman Bob. He has become a great friend, father figure and mentor.
  • Speaking of mentors, I am thankful for my interior design friends and cheerleaders. Faith Cosgrove from The Studio Resource Group has placed me under her wing so much in the last year. Her 30 some years of design expertise amazes me. I love that she believes in me. Mitch and Arlene from Stanley Home Renovation and Design, you guys are among the best at what you do. I am lucky you put up with me. Thanks for teaching me so much.
  • I am thankful for two lovely dogs that sit at my feet when I am in my studio. May I strive to be the great person they think I am.
  • My many friends at the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland. You all give me so much more than I could possibly give back.

This short ‘thankful’ list may be getting too serious and sappy. So, let’s revisit my design manifesto to change the mood a little:

  • I believe you should surround yourself with what you love.
  • I believe a room with great color, proportion and form will make you look younger and thinner.
  • I believe in good friends, good wine, good music and adjustable lighting.
  • I believe our clients should be treated as our friends.
  • I believe interior design isn’t stuffy and designers don’t have to be either.
  • I believe dogs should be allowed in stores and restaurants.
  • I believe an outstanding room can be designed with almost any budget.
  • I believe in re purposing, repainting and reupholstering, and if all else fails donating to a good cause.
  • I believe everyone should be encouraged to express their creativity and follow their bliss.
  • I believe in giving back to the community and honoring the environment.
  • I believe in doing the right thing, even when it means less money.
  • I believe an accessory can change one’s outlook.
  • I believe in carbohydrates and to hell with the consequences.
  • I believe in supporting the local economy, buying local when possible. and doing business with our partners.
  • I believe in being under dressed or overdressed always.
  • I believe shopping is a type of therapy.
  • I believe in practicing random acts of kindness.
  • I believe your mood and disposition can be altered by color, space and texture.
  • I believe everyone should have a place in their home they can enjoy in stillness.
  • I believe in tufted anything, lucite pieces, brave pattern blending, something from your Grandma, and a timeless cashmere throw.
  • I believe when it comes to decorating, the wife is always right. Unless the husband is gay.
  • I believe a long hike solves most of life’s problems.
  • I believe in listening.

How about you? What makes your thankful short list? What would your manifesto say?

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