“I have never really had a home that felt finished. What you were able to accomplish in less than one day makes me wonder why I didn’t do it a long time ago.”

Angela Todd Portland Interior Designers

{ Praises }

From our clients…

“After a thousand questions about environments I find comfortable and attractive, Angela pulled from my subconscious a style that I now know is me. While I loved the house, the look and feel of the place gave guests the feeling I was a bachelor trying as best as I could. Hiring Angela to decorate my home was the best thing I could have done to make myself and those passing through my home comfortable and even impressed. As a person, Angela has created a wonderful space for me to live and relax, and as a businessman she’s created an exceptional place for me to entertain and conduct meetings. Nobody walks through my door without stepping back to marvel at the simple beauty and tasteful presentation she has created.”

Donald Miller, New York Times Best Selling Author & Speaker

“We used Angela’s services for our en-suite bathroom/powder room remodel. She provided us with overall design guidance and great suggestions for colors, materials and accessories.  Even though we already had a good overall sense of what we wanted to do, she was able to steer us away from some of our choices that would not have worked, provided great alternatives, and came up with wonderful ideas, all while taking into account our personal design sensibility.  Also, when our chosen shower floor tile was in short supply because of an order mix-up, she very quickly came up with an alternative that was actually better than our original choice. She has all the right connections and knows her way around all the local suppliers, allowing us to source quality materials.

What struck us was how well she listened, how well she “got” our vision, and how well she was able to add and augment, all the while staying true to our design sense. We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants the services of a true design professional.”

– A. Holzhauer

“I was working 3 jobs when my friends encouraged me to hire an Interior Designer to get my basement remodel done.  In came Angela Todd and her fabulous associate designer, Ashley.  Immediately they went to work on crafting 3 rooms of sheer greatness.  Angela was timely on all matters of this job, trouble shooted for me when we were ready to drywall and needed surround sound wiring, and has moved from professional to professional/friend in my book.  I would not hesitate to ask her to help me in the future and the beauty of her design services are that she will even do just one room, or help you pick out drapes, fabrics, etc.  This woman and her team do it ALL.  I am so pleased with my basement design and look forward to MANY years of enjoyment.  And, of course, will always thank Angela and Ashley, the “A” team, for bringing it all together!”

-D. Harris

“Angela is one of those unique rare persons that we are lucky enough to encounter in this world. She is very determined to take on a project and make sure it is completed to your total satisfaction. Her pride in her work is extraordinary and such a pleasure to see. You will be blessed to work with Angela in any capacity.”

-C. Cox

“Angela has an excellent eye for changing your living or office environment into something you never imagined possible. She does fantastic work.”

-D. Marshall

“We hired Angela while in the middle of a whole house remodel when we were completely overwhelmed trying to make decisions about paint colors and all surfaces for our home.  We had all of our furniture in storage, except for our bed and couch. She an amazing job with color selection, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, flooring, trim detail, window coverings, and exterior paint just based off of a pillow sham from our bed and by really getting to know who we are and how we live. We were out of the country when the exterior was painted and she handled everything, including working with our contractors. She made our house really feel like our home and we continually get compliments about the overall color and details. We’ve hired her many times since the remodel to help us furnish our home and create spaces that represent our family.  I highly recommend and trust her.”

-M. Jaacks

“Angela has an amazing eye and a gift for seeing the space as it could be. We are in the process of a major remodel and I have really appreciated her guidance and expertise with color, style choices, furniture placement, and details. I’m excited to enjoy our new space, which is taking shape before my eyes. Thank you, Angela!”

-K. Hobson

“My wife was pregnant with our second son and going through this ‘super-nesting’ thing that prompted an interior home improvement storm that involved consulting to select colors, painting, crown molding in every room, a wainscot downstairs and a furnishing makeover. The words ‘home improvement project’ do not begin to describe the extent of this interior metamorphosis that ensued. Angela took what she learned about our tastes and then worked directly with my wife (the real decision-maker for the interior.) She was able to extract the ideas of what my wife liked and wanted but could not explain. The secret was that we would both get what we wanted. Today, we have a house that is a home. Angela introduced us to several people that helped make it happen. I walk into our home now and I think I am walking into someone else’s place. It’s AWESOME! All I can say is: My wife was right. Thanks, Angela”

-R. Patzke

“I’ve been in this beautiful house for nine months and have been embarrassed at the thought of my neighbors seeing the inside due to the fact that I haven’t been able to grasp the scale of the house to decorate. But now I am so proud of my home I can’t wait to show it off. The gal who sells these homes said she has had a hard time selling my particular floor plan because of the long family room and asked if she could have photos to help her sell more homes! I can’t thank you enough, Angela, for sharing your beautiful talents with me and I am so happy and overjoyed with what you have created for me and my family. You are a blessing.”

-M. O’Connell

“Angela has a wonderful gift of bringing color and design to any space and anyone. Her creativity is endless and impressive.”

-A. Marshall

“We recently moved with two-year-old triplets and had a new house without a single room that was truly put together. Angela has given our family a room that incorporates all of our needs, which is comfortable and we are proud to show off. A place for my husband to kick back and watch TV, a space for the girls to play and neatly house their toys, and a room for us to entertain. She is a delight to work with, has fantastic ideas, and I look forward to working with her again!”

-T. Anderson

From our colleagues .…

“I have had the pleasure of working with Angela on several projects. She is one of the most adaptable designers I have ever worked with. She understands budgets, timelines, and the sequence of construction. Her team puts together phenomenally detailed work books that help to convey the information to the builder, client, most importantly to the individuals doing the work. I have been very impressed with how she adds value to the construction process. Before meeting Angela I never understood the importance of having a designer on our team, now I will not do a project without having her involved. ”

-Nathan Young, Nathan D. Young Constuction & Modular Construction

“Angela is a frequent guest on my radio show, Around the House, heard every Saturday on KXL 750 AM from Noon to 2:00 PM. She is bright, articulate, and extremely well versed in her craft. There is magic that lies within Angela Todd’s personal touch.”

-Handyman Bob Strong, Talk Show Host, KXL News radio 750

“I have worked with Angela Todd on several projects – every time I am pleased beyond my expectation. Her eye for paint color is truly exceptional. Her ideas are original, interacting with her is inspirational. She listens to concerns and efficiently mingles those with surprising creativity. She cares about people and the project. It has been a pleasure working with Angela. She has been the creative force behind my best work. Angela – thanks for making me shine!”

-John Davis, Davis Home Repair

“I found an instant, warm and professional beginnings of a great business relationship with Angela Todd and company. I have worked with hundreds of certified and qualified designers over the past 36 years and found Angela not only professional, accurate, and extremely knowledgeable but also fun to around.  Angela made me look good and was a great communicator between the owners, contractor and myself! An attribute that is so rare in this business.”

-David Hallsted, Hayes Cabinets

“Angela is without question one of the most talented Interior Designers that I have ever worked with. Couple her design talent with her energy, magnetic personality, and her can-do attitude and you have someone that is an exceptional person to work with. I thoroughly enjoy working with Angela and more importantly, our clients do as well. I enthusiastically recommend Angela for anyone looking for an accomplished Interior Designer.”

-Mitch & Arlene Stanley, Stanley Renovation & Design, Inc.

“Angela Todd is a forward thinking designer, whose talents are evident in her work. She impresses me with her exuberance and can-make-it-happen attitude. I highly recommend Angela!”

-Suzanne Gallagher, Wall Design Diva

“Angela Todd is an extremely talented interior designer. She has the ability to transform living spaces from mundane to “I can’t believe I live here”, often just using already available resources and then adding a few touches her and there. I think we really under-estimate just what a difference having a living space with proper flow and balance can mean in terms of happy, healthy, relaxed living in our homes. Angela has a keen understanding of interior design, and a truly gifted talent. I’d recommend her to anyone considering interior design, or remodeling, be it at home or in the office space.”

-Cal Johnson, Burnt Lizard Media