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What leads clients to work with us?  Though our number one source of referrals continues to come from happy clients and contractors, the world wide web has also introduced us to some wonderful people.   Sometimes even a referral from a friend will prompt a potential client to do some research about us on the web.  Although we list many references and reviews on our website testimonial page, we can’t blame anyone for wanting to do a bit more of their own research.  Selecting an interior designer is a big decision.  We can make a significant impact, and forgive me for stating the obvious, but selecting the wrong interior design professional can make a pretty big mess of your project.

If you are following our blog and we have had the pleasure to work together, won’t you please take a few moments to review us online?  We find that online reviews help clients not only find us, but our client’s written experiences let them know they will be in good hands with us.  Here are a few places you can post a review:





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Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.  My life has been enriched by doing this meaningful work.

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