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Overcoming Bedding Boredom

Finding stylish bedding is frustrating for most homeowners.  Why?  Because unless you want to invest in ultra fine bedding throughout each bedroom in your home, your choices via the Internet and at local stores are very limited.  The lines carried for most middle class clients are uninspiring and predictable.  Beds are generally the focal point of most bedrooms, so we suggest you do it in style!

Two weeks ago at High Point Furnishings Market in North Carolina, one of my primary tasks was to find bedding lines that were comprehensive, well-made, affordable, and didn’t look, well, cheap.  I am happy to say after scouring thousands of square feet of ground, we found amazing lines that we are pleased to now provide to our clientele. We have options for master suites, guest bedrooms, teenagers and childrens rooms in all bedding sizes, design styles and colors. Our bedding includes duvet (or comforters), bedskirts, coverlet, euro shams, standard shams, and accent pillows.  We even provide pillow inserts, so you won’t have to fuss with going to the store to finding the right size pillow for your inserts.

Your bedding boredom is about to end.  Call us.

Here are some of our favorites!

A fresh take on chocolate and brown.  The textures are fabulous!

For the sophisticated teenager with just a little bit of edge.  The white stitching is a nice detail.

Neutral and fabulous with a bit of Zen sprinkle.

Traditional Styled, but still fresh and fun.  I loved the texture of the coverlet and euro shams

Vibrant and Full of punch.  The green and pink together are haute!

Great option for a Northwest Contemporary Lodge Home. Notice the accent pillow lacing and the knit euro shams and accent pillow.


This charcoal and persimmon color combination is amazing. 




  1. says

    Wow! So gorgeous and lovely bedrooms design. I wish I have that design too. They say that you will know the person’s personality to their bedrooms. When its clean, that person is very neat and when its not the person hate his life in my opinion. Thanks for sharing it!

    • says

      What a fun comment! Sometimes client’s need a better space plan to keep their bedroom tidy. In all cases, we work to help uncomplicate our clients lives, relax them, and help them find solace and peace at home! That generally is a bedroom or spaces where everything has it’s place.

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