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The Winner is….

This Saturday night was the first annual Distinct Style Awards introduced by the Interior Design Society of Portland and presented by Contract Furnishings Mart.  The 124 entries were sent to a committee at the Bay Area Interior Design Society for selection.  It was an honor to be selected among my peers in several categories, and a sheer delight to see so many of  my respected peers receiving appreciation for their residential interior design projects.

Here are the 2010 winners (drum roll please)

Best Staging

Pangaea, Pangaea Interior Design

Staging Semi-Finalists: 

Garrison Hullinger

Angela Todd Designs, Luster of the Pearl

Angela Todd Designs, Vista

Best Redesign

Nicole Rivlin, Redesign Works

Redesign Semi-Finalists

Angie Morse, Home Street Design

Josi Underhill, Decor by Josi

Best  Color

Teri Peck

Color Semi-Finalists

Jason Ball Interiors

Angela Todd Designs

Best Bath Remodel

Susan Nicholson

Bath Remodel Semi Finalists

Teri Peck

Leslie Minervini, Minervini Interiors

 Best Kitchen Remodel

Jason Ball Interiors

Kitchen Remodel Semi Finalists

Kirstin Havnaer, Hearthstone Interior Design

 Katya Waff, Blue Pearl Interiors

The best in show was selected from the six winner in the above categories and received a $500 cash prize.

Best in Show

Leslie Minervini, Minervini Interiors

The Interior Design Society also awarded member awards for exceptional contributions in 2010:

Member Achievement Award

Jamie Stark, Love it Design

Vendor Achievement Award

Brandy Marsh, Area Floors

New Member Recruitment Award

Angela Todd

Congratulations to each of our members who entered the Distinct Style Awards, and to our winners and semi-finalists.  A special thanks to our additional sponsors Sherwin Williams in the Pearl and Parker Furniture for making the event a smashing success.


  1. Anonymous Coward says

    So what you are saying is that you were still a loser in all of the categories? Or just always a bridesmaid, never a bride when it comes to deisgn?

    • says

      Hi Anoymous coward;) I don’t consider placing four semi-final categories in design as a loss. Besides, I have several design awards to celebrate from past National and Regional contests. Many designers who submitted didn’t place at all. I also consider them winners. When we have happy clients that also makes us winners. Thanks for your post.

  2. Christine Carroll says

    Well said Angela! I would be thrilled with those nominations as well. I would love to know what anonymous has achieved?

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