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Statements Tile makes a … (I can’t resist) statement

Sometimes Portland, Oregon isn’t big enough for an interior designer, so in mid August a van load of interior designers and I went to Statements in Seattle to seek inspiration for our remodeling projects.

I love to walk a showroom with fresh eyes.  I get so inspired with fresh design ideas after viewing other artisan and interior designer concept boards.  The eye candy is downright heaven to me.

Statements is a line that is a step up in price point from companies like Pental and Cronin, but lower in price point than companies like Pratt and Larson and Ann Sacks Tile.  They fit a nice niche.  Most of their pieces are imported from Italy.  The family owned company has deep roots in tile, and settled on this comfortable niche market.  They fit the west coast well, and have great, unique pieces to choose from, at a reasonable price for the quality and design.

We walked the immaculate showroom with a tour of the facility.  Honestly, the presentation started to fall into the background of my mind when I became mesmerized with Status tile.   Statements recently purchased Status tile, a Seattle neighbor and added them to their line.   Hand painted, hand pressed, oh my it is just fabulous.  See for yourself.  (I like the frogs and turtles best.)

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  1. says

    Thanks for the wonderful write-up about Statements and Status. I’m so glad you made it up to visit us. We have a new site coming for Status, and I’d love to give you a preview. Send me a note and I’ll send you the link.
    Ryan Calkins

  2. says

    Tile can definitely make a statement, and there so many unique options today! Ann Saks has some beautiful tile, and there are some other boutique lines such as Alyse Edwards with fun names like Bublicious Honeymoon and Gigi’s Groovy Stix! You can check out some of these tiles and different boutique lines at our website:

  3. t hall says

    I am looking for hand painted Spanish tile in Oregon, that I can go look at. maybe a showroom or studio, is there one located in the Portland area

    • says

      I would recommend Ann Sacks Tile in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon. They have some local painted tiles that have the Spanish look and can be customized in colors.

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