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You could win Street of Dreams tickets!

Angela Todd Designs is giving away five pairs of Northwest Natural Street of Dreams tickets for the August 1st through August 31st show.   How do you enter to win your two tickets?


Send an email here and tell us all about:

  • Your current remodeling or redecorating project.
  • What kind of inspiration you expect/need from the show.
  • If you are stuck with a design project, why.
  • Why you deserve to win.

(Please, no sob stories necessary.  Just convince us your project deserves some inspiration.)

Winners will be announced July 27th.  You have two weeks to enter.   Get after it!


  1. John Drake says

    Our home built in the 1970’s still has the original kitchen. After a unplanned upgrade to our daylight basement, the kitchen and upstairs baths need to be redone.
    I know what I would like to have done to these areas, but need to see some of the materials that we would use (counter tops, tiles & cabinets) and maybe see some other things I would not have thought of using.
    We love the Street of Dreams. And can’t wait to see all the places in the Pearl.

  2. Kent Moffat says

    No sob stories huh? Wow, back to the drawing board. :)

    My girlfriend and I are currently too strapped to invest in any major projects at the moment, but after her medical practice ramps up we’re looking forward to getting a new place and having at it!

    Right now, we’re putting together a portfolio of design ideas so we have some place to get started when the time is right. The Pearl street of dreams should be packed with great ideas!

  3. says

    Oh wow! Well, really… our current desires are simple, yet still too expensive for us to do at the moment.

    Two basic things: Painting and flooring!

    I can always appreciate great design, painting, and flooring! However, I seem to possess a shortfall where creativity and “seeing potential” exist!

    Our flooring in the house has been totally destroyed! We have carpet throughout that we would love to have replaced with hardwood or tile. If nothing else, because we have a geriatric dog that seems determined to live forever and she often has accidents – Yuck!! To top it off, our cat and newest little doggie that we have seem to be in poo wars in different areas of the house! I would love to just be able to wipe up messes instead of battling with the steam cleaner all too often! Not to mention that I can’t even begin to imagine all of the disgusting little creatures that are probably living in our low grade carpet – Double YUCK!!!

    Regarding the paint, we still have standard white walls throughout the home. I would love to personalize my kids’ rooms and make our living room feel warm and welcoming. Now it just feels “naked”. I know it’s not grand, but again, I’m just not the “fixer upper” type and lack the creativity to come up with something “good”. Also, I have a phobia of paint – I know it’s silly, but if we can’t afford to repaint the house once, why would I want to do it two or three times because I screwed up on colors, or design, or something!

    The one thing about the street of dreams, while there are indeed expensive homes, many ideas can be recreated simply and affordably. To look at new color designs and combinations would be nice and give a sense of confidence to “see” something up and in place. Also, I know wood colors and styles are changing, so I would like to see what is “in” now. And of course see different homes with tile vs. wood flooring and see how it makes the home “feel”.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    Good luck with everything :-)

    Judie Lindquist

  4. Smita Arun says

    We live in a fairly new house but would like to upgrade a lot of our amenities e.g we have carpet in our bathroom and that needs to go but I’m falling short in deciding on what to put( what kind of tile) that would give a very elegant appearance to our bathroom. In the kitchen we need a better vent/hood to have all the smoke and fumes from cooking out of the house and not get circulated back in the house. There are tons of other projects that need to be tackled but we are lacking in ideas so it is very important that we get inspired by how other people decorate their homes.
    I have been going to street of dream show along with my husband since 2004 to get inspiration. We have used some of the design aspects in our house and would like to continue getting inspired.

    It feels good to go to a house that doesn’t belong to our friends but we still have access to go look over, so what better place can we go to
    besides Street of Dreams where we can freely(with out feeling conscious of stepping into other people’s privacy ) look around and see what would work for us.

    Besides the structural changes I’m also interested in home decor ideas like the various types of drapes, types of furniture, built in cabinets. Our bonus room is totally empty and we are still debating as to what to do with it.

    Thanks for taking time to read our stories.


  5. Audra Borio says

    Thanks for this excellent post. I surely liked every little part of it. I have you bookmarked and will be reading more.

  6. Tracie says

    I’ve been living in my current ‘apartment’ for 11 years but look forward to owning my own home hopefully next year. At age 50 but who’s counting :] In the meantime I live vicariously through my friends helping them with remodel and other projects in their homes. The most current was taking four 4’X7′ wood framed windows (from a 1920 Craftsmen; gorgeous) and creating a green house. Another friend couldn’t afford to replace old cabinets so I offered idea and assistance to reface doors by having pieces of stainless steel cut to fit center panel. They can write on them and attach recipes, artwork, etc with magnets. Made their small kitchen POP! I love finding things at thrift stores or garage sales too and turning them into furnishings. Recently I found a vintage Carrom game board and will be varnishing the top (to seal it) and attach legs (probably from IKEA) to make great conversation piece table. I haven’t been to a Street of Dreams event in many years and would really enjoy seeing what new materials are being used for future ideas.

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